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Research on moisture-proof technology of solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicine

solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine when the pressure oil enters the working cylinder from the oil port and acts on the lower end face of the working piston, the agent generally has the characteristics of moisture absorption and deterioration in different degrees. To solve this problem, one of the most fundamental ways is to reduce or even completely remove the hygroscopic ineffective components in the preparation stage of drug raw materials, but the hygroscopic effective components cannot be removed, This can prevent moisture absorption of the preparation in terms of preparation process and packaging and storage. At present, the latest processes of moisture-proof ability of solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicine are mainly granulation process and coating process

granulation technology

the existing granulation technology mainly includes wet granulation, high-speed shear mixing granulation, one-step granulation, dry pressing granulation and other methods. Because the one-step granulation method completes several conventional granulation steps such as dry mixing, wet mixing and stirring, particle forming and drying in the same fluidized bed equipment, it reduces a lot of operations, and is widely used because it is more in line with GMP specifications

wet granulation is made into particles through the continuous mixing of mixing slurry, the movement of cutting knife and the addition of adhesive. The particles formed by wet granulation are dense, the surface is smooth, water and other solvents are not easy to penetrate, and the dissolution is slow, so the ordinary wet granulation machine is a non ideal machine for preparing instant particles

fluidized bed granulation due to different granulation mechanisms, the forces between particles and powders are different in the granulation process, resulting in great differences in the final particle state. The particles produced by fluidized bed have greater dispersibility; The pores in the particles are large, which makes the water easy to penetrate and collapse. However, fluidized bed granulation can reduce the amount of auxiliary materials, change the spatial distribution of hygroscopic materials, prevent the entry of water as much as possible, and improve the moisture-proof ability of the preparation

coating technology

in the process of solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, the more effective isolation and protection measure is coating protection. Traditional Chinese medicine tablets are generally sugar coated tablets. Sugar coating can have a certain moisture-proof effect, but because sugar coating contains a lot of sugar powder and talc powder, some patients, especially middle-aged and elderly patients, diabetes patients should not take it for a long time. In addition, because the sugar coating layer is unstable, it is easy to have quality problems such as cracking, moisture absorption, discoloration and so on. As early as the fifth decade of the last century, when the industry entered a critical period of high fidelity, some advanced countries began to study new film coating technologies and materials to provide choices of different impact properties, weather resistance and scratch resistance. In the past decade, with the birth of various new high molecular polymers and the successful development of high-efficiency coating pots, the coating technology has developed rapidly. For the current western medicine varieties abroad, more than 95% have adopted new film coating technology and new materials, so as to achieve the state of moisture resistance, insufficient effective supply, and serious effects such as avoiding light, covering taste, enteric dissolution, etc. The film coating technology based on polymer film-forming materials has been widely recognized and widely used in the variety of traditional Chinese medicine tablets

in solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, film coating technology is mainly used on tablets. At present, the research mainly focuses on the introduction of new excipients and film coating premixed materials that meet GMP requirements and are easy to use. The coating materials available for pharmaceutical enterprises in the market include "xinfeir" film coating materials of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering Center Aisheng pharmaceutical company, series coating materials of Shanghai kalekang company, and Le coating materials of Tianjin

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