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Sinotruk products lead the upgrading of drop and hitch transportation equipment

sinotruk products lead the upgrading of drop and hitch transportation equipment at the global plastic summit held in Chicago

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when the end of the steel wire rope is fixed with a rope clamp, recently, the Shandong promotion meeting of the ShiShun Logistics comprehensive supermarket was held in Shandong building, with representatives of more than 600 logistics enterprises from Shandong Province and surrounding areas participating in the event. The purpose of this activity is to strive to A. plastic universal testing machine through the new transportation mode. The fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Effectively solve the problem of the last kilometer, take Jinan as the general center and various regions as sub centers, use the hydraulic jaw of Jinan gold testing machine, and rely on large-scale drop and hang logistics enterprises to achieve efficient connection, so as to ensure that goods from all regions can reach the provincial capital on the same day, and realize the back and forth circulation transportation of goods from villages and towns to the whole country

China National Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales Department provides five sitrak sample vehicles with different configurations for the on-site experience of the participants. An old driver who has been driving heavy trucks for many years gave a thumbs up after experiencing it, "this car is really comfortable to drive, with light gear shifting and low noise, which is too important for us who are on the road all day long. There are also ultra wide berths and various storage rooms, which are very humanized."

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