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Siteview "reduces the burden" for complicated management work

with the deepening of enterprise network application and the continuous expansion of network scale, management work has almost become a synonym for laborious and thankless work. It is a matter of course that the system operates normally, and once the system fails, the managers should be able to conduct complex data analysis in the face of the public. At present, the main characteristics of management work are heavy workload, many emergencies, time-consuming and laborious fault diagnosis, major and difficult to evaluate work performance. Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of management work, reduce the pressure of management work, and effectively evaluate management work is a problem that information department managers must solve

the survey shows that more than 80% of managers' time and energy are spent on fault monitoring and performance management of existing systems. These works are basically characterized by standardization, massification and repeatability. There must be a big breakthrough, which can be replaced by automated tools. Automatic tools can tirelessly carry out 7x24 continuous real-time monitoring of the network. They also have the advantages of monitoring a large number of parameters, automatically recording the monitoring data of the aviation and construction industries, automatically sending alarms, automatically processing common faults, automatically generating performance analysis reports and other manual operations that are difficult to achieve. If network management wants to become easy and active, network managers should use good network management tools, which should be a good choice

take the siteview management software of Beijing Youlong technology company as an example to talk about how to "reduce the burden" for managers

for example, you can safely do other things by setting up hard disk monitoring, and you don't have to worry about the failure caused by insufficient hard disk space. Siteview will automatically monitor the remaining space of the hard disk on a regular basis by 7x24. Once any hidden trouble is found, the alarm will notify you to deal with the problem in a timely manner through voice, e-mail, SMS, etc; You can also set script alarms to make the system automatically delete some temporary files to keep the hard disk running normally. Of course, you can also predict the possibility of problems based on the historical data report of siteview hard disk, and take measures in advance to eliminate hidden troubles

compared with manual fault and performance management, siteview management software regularly detects the system software and hardware environment through a round robin manner, and can find system abnormalities in time. The network application topology function of siteview can visually display the operation status of the network infrastructure and its application system. In this way, once there is a hidden trouble in the system, you can intuitively find out the fault information through siteview, locate and eliminate the fault at zero time

siteview management software introduction

siteview is a management system with all intellectual property rights independently developed by Youlong technology. The product passed the examination of the National Copyright Administration of the people's Republic of China in November, 2001, and obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate

siteview focuses on the fault monitoring and performance management of local, wide area and interconnected system applications, servers and network devices. It is a centralized, cross platform system management software. Siteview integrates system application, server and network equipment monitoring, and collects data by simulating the operation of the supervisor. It does not need to install agent software on the monitored object, which has little impact on the operation of the existing system

siteview has powerful functions and adopts an all Chinese web interface, which is extremely easy to operate. It is not only convenient for managers to understand the operation status of the whole IT system anytime and anywhere, but also can monitor the key applications of the enterprise IT system in real time from the application level. Once the system is abnormal, the alarm system will timely notify the relevant management personnel (or automatically handle the fault) through voice, e-mail, SMS, post and script. A perfect performance analysis report can help managers predict and find performance bottlenecks in time, improve the overall performance of the system, and provide a basis for the strategic planning of the enterprise system

at present, the users of siteview include ChinaLink, China Unicom, 21cn, 263, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications, Huaxia Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Sinopec, Jinshan petrochemical, PetroChina Hehuang, Daqing Oilfield, Shanghai government, Shanghai finance and taxation, Tencent, eBay, etc., which can help managers minimize the possibility of IT system failure and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the system, Reduce the loss that it system failure may bring to the enterprise. Siteview is a powerful guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of the information platform

powerful fault monitoring platform for the transition to the co production of plastic and wood products with multi-component waste plastics and wood flour

siteview has more than 70 kinds of monitors built in, which can not only monitor windows, UNIX, AIX and other mainstream operating systems and network devices of different manufacturers and models, but also monitor middleware, database, web, e-mail, DNS, FTP, ERP, CRM, MIS, financial system E-commerce and other application systems for comprehensive and in-depth monitoring and management

siteview provides users with an intuitive all Chinese web interface, which can help managers understand the operation of system applications, servers and network devices at a glance anytime and anywhere. It adopts highly modular design, provides open API interface and friendly secondary development mode, and can meet various personalized monitoring needs of managers

intelligent fault handling platform

siteview provides a variety of alarm methods such as SMS, voice, email, script, etc., which can send alarms to relevant managers in time. When some common faults occur, the automatic recovery function of siteview will restore the system to normal by automatically running scripts. Siteview also provides users with functions such as associated alarm, baseline alarm, fault interlocking diagnosis, fault confirmation, and "rely on", so as to avoid repeated alarm and false alarm, help managers locate faults at zero time, and ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system 7x24

perfect performance analysis report

siteview can automatically generate different reports and reports of various time periods and combinations of monitoring parameters according to the requirements of different managers for reports. In this way, by storing, filtering and mining the historical data collected by the monitor, managers can analyze the operation trend of the system, find hidden performance bottlenecks, provide strategic help for the planning, expansion and upgrading of the information platform, and provide data support for the long-term planning of the information platform management


in the whole process of using siteview management software, all the management personnel have to do is simply configure and set up the monitoring system according to their own wishes. Other work is automatically completed by siteview, which greatly improves the management personnel's ability to deal with emergencies and reduces their work intensity. In this way, you can do an easy management, and you no longer need to run around to monitor the system, troubleshoot, and "fight the fire". Using siteview, the management work is so easy and simple. (end)

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