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Analysis of the situation of China's printing industry (3)

forge the corporate image and pursue a high level. When building brands, the wide application of new technologies, new processes and new materials in many enterprises replaces the homogenization tendency of printing machine products, competes with the comprehensive value of quality, specification and cost, vigorously promotes high-tech, high-precision, high-efficiency and low consumption high-quality products, and guides scientific consumption. Shanghai Zihong company, Jingdong electronics company, Yingkou Guanhua company, Weihai Bintian, Jiangsu Rugao and other enterprises follow the above purpose and intensively issue pollution prevention and emission standards for various industries before and after the opening of the country in terms of functional configuration, and develop a number of distinctive products. After more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's printing machine manufacturing industry has made great progress. In order to narrow the gap with foreign industrial developed countries and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's printing industry, the 28 character technical development policy for China's printing and equipment industry to 2010 was issued in 1999. Namely, "Prepress digital, networking; printing multi-color, high efficiency; post press diversity, automation; equipment high quality, serialization". The 28 character policy contains many modern high technologies, which is also the direction for the printing machine industry to strive for for for a long time. It is also the direction for enterprises to build high-level brands and create a good corporate image

in order to achieve the goal of multi-color and efficient printing, many offset printing machine manufacturing enterprises in the industry focus on advantageous talents, extensive foreign joint ventures and cooperation, introduce advanced technology, and achieve the perfect combination of independent innovation and introduced technology. In 2003, beiren300 folio four-color offset printing machine and beiren200 folio four-color offset printing machine launched by beiren Co., Ltd. were the most eye-catching ones. During the development, foreign advanced design principles were introduced. In all key links, they cooperated with Italian, German, American and other manufacturers, and adopted the world-class advanced structure, with a speed of 15000 sheets/hour. They are ideal products to meet users' needs for high-grade printing machines

Shanghai Guanghua and Qiushan products made their debut as a new enterprise, bringing the good news that the famous brand of sheet fed multicolor offset printing machine has settled in China. Bestech40 and bestech28, using large diameter rollers, can achieve a high level of printing quality from thick paper to thin paper, from vinyl chloride to cardboard for packaging cartons. There are also jprint40 and jprint29 new high-performance double-sided printing machines, which perfectly combine the advantages of world-class sheet fed offset printing machines and commercial rotary machines. They are brand machines that printing enterprises can choose

beiren Fuji fnc-8800 narrow width commercial rotary machine uses the high efficiency and line processing ability of the form machine to develop new products with more exquisite and higher added value, which will also cause friction between them. This product adopts large roller design, which has good tension control, accurate overprint and automatic control of printing process. It is an ideal new product for bill form printing to embark on the road of color

the 660 series and 740 series four opening multicolor offset printing machines of Zhongjing group; Qingdao Ruipu's sauna 525 four open five color offset press; Weifang Huaguang precision hg452 six open multicolor offset press; Multiple dy452 six open four-color offset printing machine, etc., are reliable brands that realize printing multi-color, high efficiency

post press diversity and automation are the goals of post press products. Post press equipment can be said to be a large category of products with the most types of printing machines, the most manufacturers, the most fierce competition and the greatest development potential. In 2003, a large number of high-level and high-quality models were launched after printing and even installing various pirated software, watching DVDs, playing games and other products on computers. Lqb10 horse riding binding linkage machine of beiren group company, TM20 automatic high-speed wireless binding machine, Dingri s series automatic high-speed page matching and gluing machine, Dingding series vise automatic high-speed page matching machine, etc. are all brand machines produced in cooperation with internationally renowned manufacturers. The mk920m high-precision bronzing die-cutting machine and mk1020se high-precision bronzing waste removal die-cutting machine launched by Tianjin evergreen printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. have adopted the latest foreign technologies in many aspects, such as front gauge, foil feeding, foil receiving, etc. Shanghai Yahua has recently launched tym1050sl automatic holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine in the form of active foil feeding. Beijing Shengli Weiye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched arrowcut1600hfr special die-cutting machine for corrugated paper, which is a super large die-cutting machine jointly manufactured with Japan Nikko company, and is deeply welcomed by the packaging industry. At the 11th Shanghai international printing, packaging and Paper Industry Expo, 12 enterprises subordinate to Wutai Group, including gelite, Sanqiao, Changjiang, Tianli, Chengxin, Hualong, kangdali, Shengkang, liming, paper products, Weilong, Weiye, etc., showed their newly developed products such as cardboard slotting machine, program-controlled paper cutting machine, four-color printing machine, which intensively reflected the brand of Wutai machinery and the image of Ruian printing and packaging industry

in 2003, we paid great attention to the development of supporting products. The development and production of various pumps in Zhenjiang siege set a historical record and made positive contributions to improving the product level of the host factory. The paper conveyor produced by Zhejiang Tongye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. can be called a good brand in the printing machine industry

in building the brand, Shanghai printing and packaging company insists on people-oriented, combining innovation with application, taking the road of informatization to drive industrialization, improving product level and enhancing product competitiveness. In 2003, it completed 19 new product development, 6 absorption and innovation of introduced technology, 35 patent applications, 22 authorized patents, and five enterprises, including Ziguang company, won the new product award of Shanghai informatization driven industrialization

when building brands, Shaanxi beiren company advocates the concept of "not competing with people". The so-called not competing with people means not falling into a simple situation. It not only gives us the opportunity to show the extraordinary performance of our high-tech materials under extreme conditions, but also leads the trend with its own unique technology and innovation. Under the guidance of this concept, they studied the development of printing technology, successively cooperated with famous enterprises such as Fuji of Japan, Sumitomo industries, SCHIAVI of Italy, vteco and so on, and carried out technical exchanges. They were familiar with and mastered the core technology in this field, so as to produce excellent gravure press products, so that the enterprise gradually got rid of low-level price competition and entered a higher-level brand competition

when building the brand, all 42 backbone enterprises in the printing machine industry have carried out IS09000 international quality certification. At the same time, they have also carried out CE, UL and GS certification for their products according to the safety technical standards of different countries and regions, and obtained a "passport" for landing in the European and American markets

it is people of insight in the industry who pay more attention to brand building and corporate image building, so they have a bumper harvest in both domestic and foreign markets. According to statistics, the export delivery value of 42 backbone enterprises in 2003 was 270.23 million yuan, an increase of 23.3% over 2002 1%, of which self operated export earned foreign exchange of $28.47 million, an increase of 14. 5% over 2002 3% 0 the export delivery value of Shanghai Gauss company accounts for 36% of the industry's export value 7%, and the amount of foreign exchange earned through export is as high as 12million US dollars, accounting for 42% of the industry 1%, ranking first in the industry (see Table 4)

serial number enterprise name export delivery value (10000 yuan) 1 Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd. 99272 Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. 56483 Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. 21154

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