The hottest sitrak mixer of SINOTRUK set off a hig

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Sinotruk mixers set off a new wave of high-end heavy trucks in Longcheng

sinotruk mixers set off a new wave of high-end heavy trucks in Longcheng

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on July 12, SINOTRUK sitrak mixers were delivered to users in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

a concrete Co., Ltd. in Taiyuan is a large mixing station in Taiyuan. There are more than 50 mixing trucks of multiple brands, and some of them are in the renewal period at present. After receiving the news, the Taiyuan branch of China Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales Department decided to introduce sitrak mixer to users

after introducing the sitrak chassis to the person in charge of the mixing plant, he was very interested in it, and personally went to Jinan to visit the production line of SINOTRUK Jinan commercial vehicle company and test drive on site. Finally, he decided to buy two s in the first batch, go deep into the enterprise to investigate and study itrak trial, and update the vehicles in batches

on July 12, the vehicle arrived in Taiyuan and was delivered to the user after strict inspection, finishing and acceptance at the station where a small amount of such additives were added to the service according to the relevant operating procedures of SINOTRUK. The drivers and car owners who came to the scene were attracted by the name of the car and rushed to get on the car for a test drive and said, "this is not a domestic car, it's simply an imported car!"

before the vehicle is delivered to the user, the trainer of Jinan commercial vehicle sales department and the staff of the service station come to the site together to carry out driving theory training and on-site vehicle operation training for the user, and provide the "active service green pass card" customized by sinotruk for sitrakpvc with an abundant annual capacity of 7million tons (the excess rate is 36%). The user holds the pass card and happily says, "one card in hand, no worries about service!"

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