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Sinotruk holds sitrak 4S

sinotruk holds sitrak 4s-box press conference

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Guide: on February 28, SINOTRUK sitrak 4s-box press conference was held in Shenyang. Yu Youde, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, yanwenjun, chairman of Jinan commercial vehicle company, siweigong, director of German Mann China project manufacturing quality, tanghongrong, general manager of parts department, and songzhijun, deputy general manager of marketing department attended the release

on February 28, the 4s-box press conference of SINOTRUK products was held in Shenyang. Yu Youde, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, yanwenjun, chairman of Jinan commercial vehicle company, Weigong, director of German Mann China project manufacturing quality, tanghongrong, general manager of parts department, and songzhijun, deputy general manager of marketing department attended the press conference. Designers need to consider how to use flame retardant materials to ensure user safety. More than 90 powerful dealers, major customers and potential customers in Northeast China, including Liaoning Xinding Industrial Company, Liaoning Yongfeng and Heilongjiang Yatai, were invited to participate in the event

Yu Youde said in his speech that China heavy truck is the cradle of China's heavy truck industry. In 1960, it produced China's first heavy truck. Over the years, it has been committed to the R & D and production of heavy trucks and has made important contributions to the national economic construction. Today, it has developed into a full range of commercial vehicle enterprise groups with product lines covering heavy, medium, light, passenger, special, construction machinery and other fields. In 2013, sinotruk adhered to the "transformation, adjustment, innovation and reform" and vigorously carried out the annual activity of quality and benefit. In the whole year, it achieved 165000 vehicle sales, sales revenue of 62billion yuan, and industrial added value of 6billion yuan. The operation quality and benefit level of the enterprise continued to maintain the leading position in the industry

he said that in 2014, sinotruk will vigorously implement the brand strategy, and the building and improvement of the sitark brand is one of the key points of SINOTRUK's brand strategy, which is of great significance to sinotruk and even the whole high-end commercial vehicle market. Sitark products are positioned as imported alternative models. It is a new generation of high-end heavy trucks, which have been developed by sinotruk for more than three years and localized on the basis of the introduction of German man TG series vehicle technology, representing the highest level of the domestic heavy truck industry. In 2013, it sold more than 300 sets and established a high-end heavy truck brand image in the market with excellent user experience and good reputation

the release of 4s-box is an important link for China heavy test automobile to learn from and absorb the "rigorous and humanized" services of German Mann company and fully improve the connotation of sitrak brand in terms of extension services. For heavy truck drivers, whether it's daily work in the open air, or various dangers in extreme environments or emergencies, 4s-3 and touch key operation mode box fully highlight the humanization and considerate service of sitrak products. In the future, sinotruk will continue to adhere to the enterprise philosophy of "building high-quality products with personality and contributing to the society with high-quality products", comprehensively do a good job in product sales and service, and truly build sitrak brand into "China's first high-end joint venture brand" with advanced technology and considerate services, so as to make greater contributions to promoting local economic construction and realizing the dream of becoming an automobile power

it is reported that 4s-box is a brand-new service concept put forward by sinotruk in the process of continuous service model innovation. 4s-box, namely "supersitrakspecializedservice", is committed to providing drivers with more customized and considerate services. This customized user exclusive package is the first attempt based on this concept. From November 20 to December 20, 2013, the contents of the exclusive package were officially released today after a one month "4s-box sitrak user exclusive package nationwide solicitation activity"

yanwenjun, chairman of Jinan commercial vehicle company, interpreted the contents of 4s-box. An outsourcing plus 7 items of equipment such as wash bag, raincoat, sweater, vacuum insulated water cup, fluorescent suit and medical aid bag stand out as the final content of the 4s-box exclusive package. For heavy truck drivers who live in the open air, they need to face not only the boring journey, but also the dangers they face in extreme environments and emergencies. They are the people who need "humanization" and "considerate service" most. Sinotruk's humanized approach of building 4s-box adds a little intimacy to the field of medium and heavy trucks, which has always been classified by professional material testing machines according to loading methods and is synonymous with niche

The user group of 4s-box is mainly for medium and heavy truck drivers. At the same time, it can also provide considerate services for private car owners in need. As the first attempt of sitrak to provide customized and considerate extension services for users, 4s-box will be of great significance in improving sitrak's core competitiveness and will become an important link in implementing sitrak's customized and considerate services

Ren Jun, manager of sitrak Marketing Department of China Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales Department, explained the characteristics and advantages of the products in detail. Through the explanation of sitrak reliability, economy, safety, comfort and product use examples, the purpose was to let the participants have a clear and clear concept of sitrak's product positioning, and a clear understanding of the "15063" standard and the "1324t" service mode, And have a full understanding of the use of some customers in the industry

this event was held at the headquarters of Liaoning Xinding Industrial Company. The company has 13 years of exclusive cooperation with SINOTRUK, and has won the national sales champion of family parts of SINOTRUK and the award of ten outstanding contributions of SINOTRUK for many times, making great contributions to the development of SINOTRUK in the three northeastern provinces. The company is the first enterprise to sell the first batch of 15 sets with the largest order since sitrak was listed. At present, it has sold nearly 50 sets in total, and it is the first flagship store of sitrak products "4S" in China. In 2014, 200 sitrak products are planned to be sold

the activity also carried out sitrak product appreciation. People who participated in the event approached sitrak exhibition car one after another and asked about the product price and function in detail. Huawei also had in-depth exchanges with customers who have purchased products on the use of products, existing problems and improvement suggestions

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