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Application of sipartps2 intelligent locator in Zouxian Power Plant

--- Zouxian Power Plant was founded in 1983. Phase I and II project 4 × 300MW units are the national key construction project of the eighth five year plan. They are the first batch of 300MW units in Shandong Province. They were all completed and put into operation from 1985 to 1989. After the four 300MW units were put into operation, various economic and technical indicators have maintained the advanced level of the same type of units in the country, and won the first prize and the first prize for many times in the national large thermal power unit competition. Phase III project 2 × 600MW unit is an imported technical unit constructed with world bank loan. It is a national key construction project of the ninth five year plan. It was officially started in November 1993 and put into commercial operation in December 1997. At that time, the construction of the same type of unit in China was different from the impermeable paving materials used in most roads and parking places at present, with the fastest speed, the shortest commissioning time and the best overall quality. Among them, #5 unit has become the first 600MW unit in China that has been put into operation and reached the standard. Phase IV Project 2 × 1000MW ultra supercritical units are under active preparation

--- due to the early commissioning of Zouxian Power Plant Phase I and phase II project, the control level of some systems is relatively backward. In terms of thermal automatic regulation, the pulverizing regulation system has not been able to be put into automatic operation, which is mainly caused by too many and unreliable peripheral control equipment failures. The actuators used for the regulation of the pulverizing system are pneumatic actuators, which are domestic products in the 1980s. Their performance is poor, and the phenomenon of regulator failure and shaking occurs from time to time. The instability of the pulverizing regulation system caused the control failure of the outlet temperature of the pulverizer, and the blasting phenomenon of the pulverizing system often occurred, which seriously affected the safe and stable operation of the unit. During the overhaul of #4 unit in April, 2001, 16 pulverized coal control valves of #4 boiler were first transformed, and the valve positioner adopted Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner. After the transformation, the use effect has been very good, the valve debugging is convenient, the action is flexible, the action dead zone is small, and there is no maintenance for a long time. The problem that the pulverizing system cannot be put into automatic operation for many years has also been solved. Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner has the following characteristics:

1. The compressed air consumed by the positioner during operation can be ignored compared with the traditional positioner

2. Simple installation and automatic initialization mean saving time and ensuring reliable operation

3. An adaptive program means that high-quality control can be achieved even under adverse operating conditions

4. There are few movable parts, which are not affected by vibration

5. The influence of temperature and air supply pressure on the positioner can be ignored

6. Maintenance free operation

7. With the help of the display window and keys, the position of the high-speed valve can be manually controlled without additional power supply

8. As long as the parameters solidified in the positioner are configured accordingly, many functions can be provided, such as valve specificity, stroke limitation or split range operation

9, "tight closing" ensures the maximum positioning pressure on the valve seat

--- due to the good use of Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner in the pulverizing system of #4 boiler, in March 2002, during the overhaul of #3 boiler, in addition to the transformation of the regulating valve of the pulverizing system, it was decided to bring the base regulator system into DCS control and replace all the base regulators with Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner, including the drainage regulating valve of 1-3 high pressure heater, the drainage regulating valve of 2-4 low pressure heater, the water feeding regulating valve of deaerator Deaerator pressure standby steam control valve, auxiliary steam header pressure control valve, electric pump large differential pressure valve control valve, condenser make-up water control valve, condenser recovery water tank liquid level control valve, condensate lift pump outlet flow control valve, Party A and Party B small let's start from refueling bar machine shaft seal pressure control valve, make-up water tank liquid level control valve, 3 high pressure heater high water level control valve The carbon and nitrogen microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine participating in the ecosystem is your better choice. There are a total of 19 sets of fuel pressure regulators for the circulating furnace. After the system transformation, the control effect is good, and the automation level of the unit is significantly improved

--- in September, 2002, during the overhaul of #1 unit, while the above system was transformed, the control part of the feed water regulating valve was replaced by Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner, which further illustrates the reliability of its positioner. In March 2003, during the inspection overhaul of #4 boiler, the previously unmodified base instrument and water supply valve were replaced with Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner control. In August, 2003, Zouxian Power Plant will carry out #2 unit overhaul. In addition to the above projects, Siemens positioners will also be used in places with relatively harsh environment such as burners. The actuator of burners is close to the furnace wall, with high temperature and much dust. Siemens positioners installed separately will be used

--- Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner has been widely used in Zouxian Power Plant with its superior performance and advanced technology. In the future transformation, the control part of the existing pneumatic regulator will be replaced by Siemens positioner in succession to make it more reliable and practical

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