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Sirius new automatic lipstick filling and demoulding machine

during Shanghai ProPak 2006, Sirius packaging machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. exhibited an internationally leading crla15 automatic lipstick filling and demoulding machine. The machine is manufactured by citus, a French company under Sirius machinery, and the production speed is 20 lipstick/min. At present, L'Oreal and Avon have this type of production equipment in China

the whole machine is of disc design, and adopts the world's unique silicone soft mold lipstick filling technology and patented two-step vacuum demoulding technology. The main advantages of this machine are: during production, the mold does not need to be coated with silicone oil, and does not need to be baked and cleaned. It can quickly change the shape of lipstick, such as various standard lipstick, pen type lipstick, mini lipstick, etc. in addition, it can also carve or engrave the company's trademark on the surface of lipstick

the steel with thickness or diameter greater than 60mm of the machine package includes 128 silicone soft molds, and 8 mold holes are operated each time; During operation, only one operator needs to put the lipstick shell into the bottom bracket. The equipment includes five stations (processes):

1. Soft film preheating

first blow out hot air from the top of the mold to preheat the silicone soft mold at a temperature between 40 ℃ and 100 ℃

2. filling station

after the silicone soft mold is preheated, it reaches the filling station, and the machine fills the filling paste that has been heated to 75 ℃ -105 ℃ onto the silicone membrane. The filling head fills 4 mold holes per filling cycle, and 8 mold holes are filled twice. In addition, because the filling pump is controlled by the servo motor, the filling accuracy can be controlled within +/- 0.4%

3. cooling station

after passing through the filling station, lipstick will enter the cooling station. There are 13 cooling stations in this machine. The silicone film is cooled by cooling water with a temperature of about 1 ℃, and the total cooling time is about 5 minutes

4. Leveling station

after the filling of the paste, the surface of the paste will be irradiated and heated for seconds through a group of 20W halogen bulbs, in order to flatten the surface of the paste, so that the paste and lipstick shell can be closely combined, reducing the phenomenon that lipstick is easy to break when consumers use it

5. After the demoulding station

is cooled, a manipulator takes out four lipstick shells from the bottom bracket of the machine at a time, and then places the taken out lipstick shell on the upper part of lipstick. Open the upper part of the soft mold through vacuum, put the lipstick shell into lipstick, and then open all the soft mold, take out the lipstick shell together with the paste body. After completing the above actions, the manipulator will automatically turn over and put lipstick into the bottom bracket. The operator took out the finished products of 301 flexible foam rubber and plastic insulation products, which appeared when the cost of labor, factory rent, logistics and other production factors increased significantly, and put them back into the empty lipstick shell to continue the next round of production

the whole production process is fully mechanized and will not cause any scratches and bubbles on the surface of lipstick. Ensure that the surface of lipstick produced is clean and smooth

in addition, the service life of silicone soft film is also an issue of great concern to customers. Since citus first began to use silicone soft film technology in 1994, it has been improving the formula of the soft film. At present, the service life of each silicone soft film can reach more than 2000 pieces of lipstick, which greatly reduces the production cost of customers

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on the evening of July 12, Sirius packaging machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. held a dinner at Sofitel grand wine without any damage in Dongjin River, Shanghai. Many well-known customers of Sirius company attended the dinner. In his speech at the dinner, Mr. zhangshihong, general manager of Sirius, introduced the company's team to the guests and thanked the customers who have supported Sirius for many years. At the dinner, customers exchanged ideas with each other, and everyone talked freely in a pleasant atmosphere, exchanging experience and enhancing friendship

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