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Safe production process technology and three wastes treatment (melamine) -- Introduction (1)

there are many technical routes to produce melamine with urea as raw material, and there are also many companies with patented technology and proprietary technology. Since the beginning of last year, microcomputer, measurement and control and test program software, multifunctional measurement and control board, driver The highest point of the composition of imitation and digital sensors is the maturing of uremic production technology, the more accurate the measurement results and the substantial increase in output. The production of melamine by urea has occupied the fourth monopoly in this field. Especially at present, many domestic enterprises have a high voice for melamine projects. Therefore, studying the production technology of melamine, analyzing the impact of the project on the enterprise and the surrounding environment, and selecting the process technology suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise has positive practical significance for reducing the consumption of urea raw materials and eliminating the three wastes pollution

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