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Safehut shows composite temporary housing

according to REI, nforced plastics, safehut produces composite temporary housing. The walls, floors, roofs and other plates of the temporary housing use traditional knitted alkali free glass fiber composites, and the production process is vacuum pouring

7. Fixture: adopt the clip on fixture

the temporary housing is not only durable, but also can be used for 30 years with proper maintenance; Moreover, it is easy to install. Three people can build an independent unit with a length of 6.1m and a width of 2.4m and a height of 2.4m, which is mainly produced by most enterprises

safehut temporary housing can be used for emergency shelters, temporary shelters for fire fighters and disaster relief personnel, semi permanent housing in natural disasters, tactical housing or health worker stations for military personnel, office housing on the construction site, etc

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