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Build a platform for safety production, Yanxiang technology 4 Our company provided free training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel on operation essentials, maintenance knowledge and mechanical and electrical principles. Singing opera

2005 has strict requirements on loading mode, time and accuracy in the experiment. From October 26 to 27, 2005, "the first China International Exhibition of new products and technologies for coal and mineral gas prevention and utilization" was grandly opened in Beijing Kerry Center

the conference was co sponsored by the State Administration of work safety, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the State Administration of coal mine safety. Many Chinese and foreign government officials, experts and scholars who are concerned about and committed to coal mine safety production, as well as many manufacturers in the field of coal mine safety production attended the conference to discuss the overall plan of coal mine safety production

as a leader in the domestic embedded field, the appearance of Yanxiang company attracted the attention of many participants, and the monitoring solution for coal safety production attracted great attention, which undoubtedly became a highlight of this conference

due to the relatively backward coal production technology and inadequate safety measures in China, coal mines regularly check the screw gas explosion at the jaw of the universal experimental machine, mine roof collapse, water inrush under the pit, serious hypoxia in the mine and other accidents occur from time to time, which not only poses a great threat to the life safety of tens of millions of coal workers in China, but also brings great losses to the country. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of coal production workers, improving coal production technology and safety monitoring has become an urgent problem to be solved in China's coal production

the EIP product of Yanxiang company proposed in the solution of coal mine safety monitoring: by collecting some external parameters in the mine and the tunnel that affect the safety of coal production, including the gas content of the air, underground water level, oxygen content, roof pressure and other external parameters, the real-time collection is transmitted to the coal mine management center; After getting the data from the server of the management center, the collected data is analyzed in real time by software to evaluate whether the data is qualified; So as to determine whether the production conditions of mines and tunnels are safe, and provide a reliable guarantee for safe production

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