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Safe city makes it easy for you to be a literary and artistic youth. Dunhuang is located in the traffic artery of the ancient Chinese Silk Road, and the prices of Dunhuang Grottoes and dunnei mines are relatively stable; Recently, Huang murals and other world heritages are world-famous, and they are a must for every young literary and artistic person. In the view of literary and art petty bourgeoisie, they are not qualified to talk about connotation without experiencing the baptism of Dunhuang culture

with the rapid development of Dunhuang Tourism, a large number of immigrants have brought great pressure to urban management. At the same time, the 2016 Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo was also held in Dunhuang. Therefore, Dunhuang urgently needs a safe city solution, which integrates the existing video surveillance resources of the city on the one hand, and ensures the security work during the ICIF on the other hand

Dunhuang safe city has encountered three major challenges in the process of system construction:

the monitoring system is constructed separately, and the resources are scattered

the video monitoring image data is stored in different systems, and the data cannot be accessed and viewed uniformly

there are many manufacturers of monitoring platform, the agreement is not unified, and the connection is difficult.

the command center cannot view and access all monitoring resources in Dunhuang, so as to carry out unified supervision and guarantee of the safety of the city

monitoring data is easy to be lost and has poor reliability.

when an emergency occurs, there is often an embarrassing situation that video data is lost and video cannot be retrieved, which cannot meet the needs of public security for evidence collection and case solving

there are some problems in the construction of Ping'an City, and the literary and art petty bourgeoisie is not calm: can we still travel to Dunhuang in the future

for the construction of safe city in Dunhuang, Huawei and Dunhuang branch of Gansu Radio and television network Co., Ltd. increased by 16% year-on-year. According to the current construction status and later business planning, the company built a safe Dunhuang construction project. Its core is to use Huawei's Intelligent Cloud monitoring solution VCN video cloud node products, with the help of the network foundation of radio and television covering the whole city, to solve the main problems for Dunhuang. The characteristics of VCN video cloud node are as follows:

high integration

it is an integrated monitoring platform developed by Huawei using the combination of video monitoring platform and professional video storage, which is difficult to bear in the modification of ordinary plastics. The video monitoring resources of the whole city can be centrally stored in the cloud monitoring platform to ensure that the security personnel can uniformly view the on-site images and flexibly access the monitoring videos of important periods and key parts

safe city of Dunhuang - command center

high openness

it integrates the video monitoring platforms of multiple manufacturers and nearly 3000 front-end cameras distributed in key parts of Dunhuang. The security video, checkpoint, electric police, alarm and other information were collected into a unified platform, and the interface and data structure were unified, which helped Dunhuang achieve information sharing, network management, video resource integration and other aspects, and improved the level of urban management during the ICIF

high reliability

it adopts the leading triple cloud and triple intelligent design to ensure that the chain does not fall off at critical moments. For the massive dynamic video data of urban management, Huawei's unique safevideo technology is used to escort the 7 * 24-hour security work during the ICIF to ensure that all monitoring data in the city are not lost

Dunhuang safe city - video monitoring cloud platform

the characteristics of VCN video cloud nodes look very reliable, don't they

the practice of Dunhuang Ping An construction and security work during the ICIF has proved that Huawei Ping An City solution can create a safe, reliable, efficient and convenient security system for the city, provide all-round intelligent protection for the flow of people, vehicles and urban facilities, and make the city safer and more economical. The availability of high-performance thermoplastic composites will help to realize the conversion of more metals and plastics. Therefore, young literary and art people can go to Dunhuang to enjoy their art at ease

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