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Safe ink is the key to the safety of plastic packaging exterior decoration

[China Packaging News] today, with the development of low-carbon economy and the promotion of green printing, the production and use of environmentally friendly, safe and healthy ink has increasingly become the consensus of the ink industry and the printing industry. No matter what type of exterior decoration is inseparable from ink printing. Safe and healthy printing ink is the key to realize the safety and health of plastic packaging exterior decoration

at present, all food packaging, especially gravure printed plastic packaging, is printed with solvent based ink. Solvent based ink is an organic volatile, which can lead to a more serious greenhouse effect than CO2 and seriously pollute the atmospheric environment. Although strict requirements have been made for solvent residues, there are still some problems, such as harm to health and the influence of solvent residues after printing on food odor and food safety. There are more or less organic solvent residues on the packaging. There are many kinds of residual organic solvents, including benzene, ketone, ester, alcohol, etc. in fact, benzene is not produced in many places. Such solvents will penetrate the film in a short time, causing secondary pollution to the food in the packaging, thus causing leukemia, etc. The large-scale flexible packaging production enterprises represented by Master Kong, Wangwang, Wahaha and Nestle have turned to benzene free compound safe and healthy inks since this year

at present, there are three kinds of environmentally friendly, safe and healthy inks: water-based inks, alcohol soluble inks and UV inks

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