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"Safe Beijing" and "safe Olympics"

Guide: starting urban safety has another profound significance for Beijing to build a safe Olympics and prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games. Jiangxiaoyu, vice chairman of BOCOG, revealed not long ago that affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks and the SARS epidemic, BOCOG will

starting urban safety has another profound significance for Beijing - to create a "safe Olympics" to prepare for the 20

2008 Olympic Games

jiangxiaoyu, vice chairman of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, revealed not long ago that affected by the "9.11" terrorist attacks and the SARS epidemic, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games will increase the expenditure on security and public health, and the original Olympic budget of $1.625 billion will be increased. At the same time, the Security Department of the Olympic Organizing Committee is being established and will be established soon

in the report on the security situation in Beijing released by the Olympic Organizing Committee, Beijing is regarded as one of the safest Olympic cities with "excellent records and strong guarantees". The crime rate in Beijing has always been low and has been declining year by year; The security department is commanded by the Minister of public security to unify graphene aluminum matrix composites, which can be prepared into high-performance structural materials with light weight, high modulus and high strength. The human resources involved in security work reach 100000, and the armed forces can support at any time; In the past decade or so, China has held a series of large-scale international activities without any safety accidents

as early as last July, the Beijing Municipal Party committee held an Expert Symposium with the theme of "safe Olympics". Zhusongchun, vice president of the Beijing Institute of systems engineering, said that in the Olympic Games, even if athletes make mistakes, they still have the opportunity to come back in the future, but in terms of safety assurance, there is no second chance. The Olympic Games will comprehensively test the comprehensive ability of the host city, including not only accommodation, transportation, water and electricity, communication, medical treatment and environmental protection, but also safety emergency command ability

some experts pointed out that the security system of recent Olympic Games focuses on the prevention of man-made disasters (such as terrorist activities, traffic accidents, etc.). However, for the Beijing Olympic Games, we must also consider the impact of natural disasters and the amplification effect caused by the cross impact of natural disasters and man-made disasters in megacities. Zhengdawei, a professor at China Agricultural University, said that although the meeting period had been postponed in November 2013 - the Beijing Olympic Games is tentatively scheduled to open in mid August 2002 - it was still a period of high incidence of disasters and muggy weather in Beijing all year round, which was the most unsuitable season for outdoor sports in a year, especially the marathon. This may make the Beijing Olympic Games the hottest one, which will not only affect the performance of athletes' competitive level, but also make the security face different climate problems from previous Olympic Games

in addition to meteorological conditions, great attention must also be paid to the risk of natural disasters in the construction of Olympic venues. In particular, the Olympic Park is located in a shallow geological fault zone and is low-lying. Therefore, experts suggest that an earthquake monitoring center be established nearby

the increasingly upgraded safety factor of the Olympic Games began with the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, which became increasingly prominent after the Atlanta Park bombing in 1996 and the "9.11" incident in 2001. The safety of the Olympic Games has also become a heavy burden for the organizing committee

Dr. Ma Xin, a member of the Olympic security expert group of the Beijing municipal government, said that there is a view that it is still some time before 2008, and it is too early to consider security issues, and there is no guarantee that the technology used is the most advanced, but this view is wrong. The security work of the Olympic Games is very complex, involving many departments and highly comprehensive. The traditional crowd tactics and emergency measures are difficult to deal with. Beijing has hosted the Asian Games and the World University Games in the past, and there are more than 400 large-scale activities every year, but none of them can be compared with the Olympic Games

some people also believe that China has not suffered a major terrorist attack so far, and there is no need to raise anti-terrorism to an infinite height. This view is equally dangerous. Ma Xin, who has had many exchanges with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, revealed that China is now facing many hostile forces. It seems that new materials are widely used in new energy vehicles, wearable equipment, aerospace ordnance and other emerging fields. In fact, the far-reaching risk factors may be around us

Ma Xin said that a large part of the expansion of the cost of the Olympic Games is due to the sharp increase in security costs. From millions of dollars in the 1980s to more than 1billion dollars for the Athens Olympic Games, the prevention area has also expanded from venues, the perimeter of the Olympic Village, to the urban circle

security equipment is divided into four parts: access control, physical protection, alarm network and television monitoring system. Although the cost is expensive, the role of these high-tech equipment is also prominent. Taking the television monitoring system as an example, a study in the UK shows that installing cameras in public places can reduce illegal acts by 48% and criminal acts by 21%. London now has 2.5 million cameras, distributed in all corners of the city, while Beijing currently has only 100000

in July 2003, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced the official launch of the Olympic security work, which will establish four prevention and control measures: patrol, community, internal units and public security. However, it has been revealed that the real action of security for the Beijing Olympic Games will not be carried out until after the Athens Olympic Games this year

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