The hottest safe fresh-keeping beer is on the mark

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A kind of "safe and fresh-keeping" beer is on the market.

recently, a kind of "safe and fresh-keeping" new packaged beer produced by Xinle Guoren Beer Co., Ltd. was launched in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, bringing good news to consumers

the outstanding feature of this "safe and fresh-keeping" beer is the technical transformation of the packaging of the beer bottle. The 0.035mm thick PVC film is sheathed on the outside of the beer bottle. After heating, the PVC film shrinks and clings to the outer wall of the beer bottle. Its function is not only beautiful, but also resistant to the sun to keep the beer fresh, but also effectively avoid the beer explosion injury accidents

according to Hebei Consumer Association, beer bottle explosion is a long-standing problem that has not been solved for many years. In recent years The municipal "Consumer Association" 2. According to the control system, it can be divided into "accept

dozens of causes every year, and the sample length is 250mm (for a certain case, we came to the conclusion that some products such as toilet paper and beer bottles exploded and hurt consumers. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the relevant departments made many efforts, but the explosion of beer bottles continued, so the packaging of beer bottles must be transformed. Xinleguoren beer Co., Ltd. began to set up a special research group in June last year, and after hundreds of destructive experiments, it finally overcame this problem. After Shijia According to the technical appraisal of Zhuang Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, all the broken bottle residues were pasted on the (PVC) explosion-proof film. The person in charge of Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that with this method of packaging, even if consumers explode beer bottles due to incorrect opening and collision, they will generally not be hurt. According to reports, in order to prevent white pollution, the company decided to recycle all such packaged beer bottles and purchased a series of special equipment such as film removal, crushing and granulation to turn the recycled plastic film into treasure

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