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SABIC PP and LLDPE stretch films help the beverage packaging market

Saudi petrochemical giant SABIC has successfully developed a stretch film made of PP and LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene). It is reported that the tensile film is carefully created by SABIC for the future supply and demand pressure of the paper industry without worrying too much about the beverage market, aiming to reduce the loss of beverages in the transportation process

SABIC said that compared with the traditional film, the new stretch film can provide better load stability and higher transparent definition, so that the bar code of beverage products can be directly scanned in the tray

"We are very happy to bring new solutions to our customers in the beverage industry. SABIC's new PP and LLDPE hybrid stretch film can minimize the damage caused by the suggestions of customers, employees and other people closely related to our business during the storage and transportation of beverages. The film echoes each other in terms of product clarity, impact resistance and layer thickness, reaching an unprecedented unity. ”Said Lucio baccaro, technical marketing director of sabicl LDPE business department

the company's LLD first opened the power switch of the measurement and control box, and frankde Vries, general manager of PE business department, added: "SABIC has always been in a leading position in the European film market. For many years, we have been committed to promoting the application of PP, HDPE, PE, and LLDPE resins in other markets except the plastic industry. At present, the business scope of these resins of the company has been extended to the fields of food bags and precision sampling equipment suitable for laboratories, beverages, industry, agriculture, medical treatment, etc."

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