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"Golden nine and silver ten" is a traditional peak decoration season, and it is also a marketing opportunity that businesses in all walks of life must compete for. Close combat or remote confrontation are staged in turn. From fast-moving consumer goods to durable goods, from small household appliances to large kitchens and bathrooms, the battlefield is full of tricks and smoke. As a star enterprise in the field of full range kitchen appliances, Cohen appliances has been adhering to the purpose of comprehensively improving China's green and healthy kitchen culture, which has been praised by the majority of consumers. In order to give back the support and love of the vast number of consumers for Cohen appliances, so that more users can experience the excellent quality of Cohen appliances and get more benefits, Cohen appliances joined hands with more than 2100 stores across the country to carry out a large-scale preferential promotion activity of "eight years of Cohen, Thanksgiving and feedback"

Cohen Electric has been persisting in independent research and development as the core for eight years. While constantly developing patents, it has also brought new impetus for change to the industry and promoted the healthy and vigorous development of the kitchen electrical industry. It is reported that this large-scale promotional activity of "Cohen eight years, Thanksgiving feedback" lasted from October 20 to October 30. In order to effectively create a feast of Cohen appliance Thanksgiving activities, Cohen appliance focused on finding a breakthrough in the "discount" and "interactivity" of the activities on the basis of learning from previous successful experience. By increasing incentives and enhancing the interaction of activities, consumers can actively participate in the activities and truly enjoy the benefits brought by Cohen appliances. Now let's take a look at the highlights of the "Cohen eight years, Thanksgiving feedback" large-scale promotional activities

in order to give back to the ardent expectations of the majority of consumers, Cohen appliances in this event, in addition to continuing the previous models of "giving away when entering the store", "giving away when full" and "smashing golden eggs", it also introduced free of charge, referral and other benefits. For example, if you buy Cohen package during the event, you can join "care for family health ・ ambassador", and try Cohen mobile water bar worth 5900 yuan for 30 days (zero risk, zero investment). Each city is limited to the top 8; During the event, old customers introduced new customers to buy Cohen products, and new and old customers gave a set of perli 430 stainless steel pots worth 588 yuan each. Offer a wave of benefits to consumers across the country, which will make you move and make you act

gratitude creates Cohen. During Cohen's eight years of product development, Cohen has carefully polished every link, process and detail of each product. These ubiquitous demanding spirits come from every Cohen family's pursuit of perfection, which is also the basis for Cohen to continuously win the trust of consumers. In this October, in order to give back to the market and the dealers and customers who have always supported Cohen, Cohen appliance has brought a not simple consumption experience and great pleasure to the majority of consumers in a different way




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