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On March 14, 2019, the Internet fingerprint lock appeared in the 2019awe exhibition, focusing on the fingerprint lock products of 19 years

on March 14, 2019, the world's most popular household appliance event - China household appliances and consumer electronics Expo (AWE) was held as scheduled in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition gathered the top summits of global appliance giants and industries, attracting the attention of the global media and nearly 200000 visitors. It can be called the weathervane of the appliance industry in the Asia Pacific region. As a brand of smart lock for home use, Internet fingerprint lock appeared in this exhibition to show its full range of products. At the same time, the fingerprint lock Experience Hall built at the exhibition has also become the most fresh and beautiful scenery of the whole exhibition

create a family specific fingerprint lock with heart

in the Internet fingerprint lock Experience Hall, the booth shapes the scene of family home with the outline of the house. Internet uses this design to tell people: fashion and convenience are closely related to the quality of life; Safe life is the primary problem of families

in view of such a conceptual theme, Intech focused on the fingerprint lock products of 19 years at this exhibition. D series fingerprint lock can be opened with one grip, with an integrated 2.5D arc screen and a new generation of multi-functional fingerprint lock 4.0 technology. Fingerprints can be opened with one grip. In addition, Internet T series push-pull fingerprint lock adopts st processor, which makes personal fingerprint and other data storage more secure. The electronic lock body can isolate high-frequency pulse interference and guard without worry

quality products lead the development of the industry

with the continuous upgrading of consumption, consumers' requirements for household products have been raised from solving needs to the pursuit stage of quality and aesthetics. Just like household door locks, from the original mechanical door opening, more consumers began to pay attention to choosing more convenient fingerprint locks and password locks, which also made the development of the electronic lock industry change with each passing day. While Internet continues to focus on user experience, focusing on the R & D and upgrading of fingerprint lock products from the perspective of users, and constantly improving the quality and use experience of fingerprint lock. Internet now has five series of products, including T-series push-pull lock, Y-series small slide lock, D-series flat lock, G-Series large slide lock, and V-series high-end villa lock. At the China home appliance and consumer electronics Expo (AWE), Internet made a collective appearance with all its products, which has also become a wind vane in the field of fingerprint lock

North South exhibition, big exhibition

at the same time as awe, on March 15-18, the 18th China International Door Industry Exhibition 2019, which was specially exhibited, was also excellent. The scene competed with major brands on the same stage, presenting a rich level of Smart Life feast for everyone, showing the exquisite technology of Internet fingerprint lock to the audience from all over the country, and enjoying the unique brand charm

when the exhibition is wonderful

China Shanghai

China home appliance and consumer electronics Expo

appliance & amp; Electronics World Expo

March 14-17, 2019

Internet ・ N3 hall 3c21

China ・ Beijing

the 18th China International Door Industry Exhibition 2019

the 6th China international integrated custom Home Furnishing Exhibition 2019

March 15-18, 2019

Internet ・ E4 hall 02B

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