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Cause analysis and treatment of poor lampblack effect: the installation point is too high from the stove, and the installation point should be appropriately reduced; If the exhaust pipe is too long or the direction of the air outlet is improperly selected, shorten the exhaust pipe appropriately and reselect the direction of the air outlet; If the sealing strip fails and leaks, replace the sealing strip to make it tightly sealed; If the internal circulation activated carbon fails, replace the activated carbon; If the indoor and outdoor pressure difference is too large, properly open the doors and windows to reduce the indoor and outdoor pressure difference; If the voltage is too low, configure a voltage regulator if necessary; The air suction passage is blocked by oil dirt, so clean the oil dirt

2 piano key switch failure

cause analysis and treatment: if the piano key switch can be locked by pressing, and the motor cannot be started by pressing each gear, the public connection is open circuit, find out and re weld; If the motor cannot run when one gear is pressed, and the other gear is normal, it indicates that only the contact of the gear out of control is damaged or the connection of the gear is broken, and the contact and connection should be repaired; If the switch motor can run after pressing the piano key, and the piano key cannot be locked after loosening, it is mainly because the conductive spring in the switch is deformed and cannot contact the conductive sheet, or the switch spring sheet is displaced or falls off, the spring sheet should be adjusted or the switch should be replaced; If the key switch is pressed and both gears are locked, it means that the interlock spring is squeezed, deformed and displaced, and the interlock spring should be adjusted and repaired

3 range hood affects the heat of cooking fire source

causes and treatment: the selection of exhaust air volume is too large, which causes heat waste and prolongs the heating time, so the exhaust air volume should be properly selected; The installation of the range hood is too low, and the height of the range hood should be appropriately increased

4 the range hood is seriously dirty

cause analysis and treatment: if the range hood is not cleaned in time, it should be cleaned and wiped in time; If the air duct is not cleaned, open the cover after power failure, take out all baffle plates and strainers, and install them after cleaning

5 touch switch does not work

cause analysis and treatment: replace the switch glass plate

6 can't start after power on

cause analysis and treatment: the power line is open circuit or the joint is desoldered, carefully find out the open circuit point or desoldered point, and re weld firmly; If the on-off switch is open circuit or the contact is poor, check whether the circuit breaker is welded well. If the contact is poor, replace it with a new one; The capacity of the starting capacitor of the motor is reduced or short circuited or open circuited, which requires replacing the capacitor of the same specification to make the motor run; If the speed change coil is open or short circuited, repair or replace it with a new one; If the shaft is stuck due to bearing damage, the bearing must be replaced; If the stator winding is short circuited or the connecting wire is open circuited, repair the stator winding or replace it with a new one

7 abnormal sound or loud noise during operation

cause analysis and treatment: improper assembly makes the wind blade loose and touches the wind guide frame to produce abnormal sound. Reassemble and tighten the wind blade fasteners correctly; The motor bearing is seriously worn, and the bearing of the same model must be replaced; If the motor is poorly assembled, correct the stator and rotor clearance of the motor to make it even. If there is axial movement, add appropriate washers; The blade deformation is unbalanced. Correct the blade and adjust the dynamic and static balance of the blade; The design of air outlet pipe is unreasonable. The air outlet pipe shall have as few bends as possible, and the bends shall be large and round

8 excessive vibration of range hood

cause analysis and treatment: if the fixing is not solid or the installation is poor, add rubber pad or foam plastic to fix firmly; There are foreign matters on the blade and the internal scale is too thick Remove foreign matters and internal dirt on the blade; The main shaft and the blade sleeve are eccentric, readjust the main shaft and the blade sleeve to make them concentric; If the motor bearing is worn or the bearing hole is too large, replace it with a new bearing of the same specification; Local short circuit or open circuit of motor winding, replace winding or motor

9 oil leakage

cause analysis and treatment: if the installation is improper and the elevation angle is insufficient, reinstall it to maintain a certain elevation angle, so that the sucked oil naturally flows smoothly down the oil cup; Or add a filter screen at the air outlet with a certain angle, so that the oil drops cannot drop under the action of surface tension; If the sealing strip fails for a long time, add rubber or foam plastic strip at the sealing place to compress the parts and improve the sealing level; If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil dirt in the oil cup should be removed frequently and each filter screen and pipeline should be cleaned to avoid the overflow of smoke and oil dirt




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