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formaldehyde is harmful to human body. It's right that wood floors contain formaldehyde, but you should also know that formaldehyde is also contained in clothes, even in tap water! So you should know that although formaldehyde is harmful, in fact, we have to "have close contact" with it in our daily life, and the key point is whether the formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard

it is unscientific to say that the formaldehyde emission of thick plates is high.

nowadays, there are some so-called environmental protection "gimmicks" in the market, for which consumers should have a rational understanding. Some people say that the formaldehyde emission of thick floors is higher than that of thin floors, which actually has no scientific basis. The amount of formaldehyde emission is mainly related to the performance and production process of the adhesive used in the floor production process

According to Jin Lin, the head of the provincial forest products quality inspection station, the test standard of the national standard GB18580-2001 clearly stipulates that the test conditions are: the four sides of the sample are sealed with formaldehyde free aluminum tape. Therefore, the final test is the formaldehyde released from the floor surface, which has nothing to do with the thickness of the floor. However, due to the use of inferior glue, the formaldehyde emission of some thin floors will be several times or even dozens of times higher than that of thick floors. Therefore, the statement that the formaldehyde emission of thick floors is high is not scientific

e1 grade products can meet health needs

health is the pursuit of everyone. For ordinary consumers, choosing E1 grade environmental protection products is completely enough. The E1 level environmental protection standard for flooring formulated by the state has taken into account the factors affecting human health, so as long as we choose products that meet the environmental protection standard, there is no need to blindly pursue E0 level standard products

at the same time, the so-called E0 standard product does not contain formaldehyde at all, but refers to the low formaldehyde emission. During the test, due to different factors such as temperature, humidity, location and operators, the test results will have a certain normal deviation. Therefore, as consumers, they cannot simply pursue the index of formaldehyde emission. When purchasing, it must be clear that formaldehyde emission is only one of the important indicators, not the only standard of products, and other indicators should be comprehensively considered




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