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In the spring of 2011, a whirlwind blowing from Tunisia in the Middle East instantly stirred the whole Arab world. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down and was put in an iron cage. Middle East strongman Muammar Gaddafi died in his hometown Sirte, Yemeni president Saleh resigned from the temple in a panic, and Syrian Bashar was overwhelmed... The U.S. rating was lowered, and "occupy Wall Street" spread all over the western world; The European debt crisis is getting worse and worse, and the leaders of the five European pig countries have changed their masters... Domestic prices are rising, real estate regulation is strict and tight, and the building materials industry is facing unprecedented political and economic changes. Although 2011 is indeed a year of international vicissitudes and ups and downs... The approaching of the new year does not prevent Huashan, one of China's top ten wood flooring brands, from ranking high and low. Perhaps you will say that the ranking of the top ten brands of wood flooring is naturally inseparable from the high spirited icon, aggressive nature, fashionable and avant-garde felinger, a lifestyle with good taste and temperament, or the yama king of environmental protection and health? Putting aside the so-called "authoritative media recommendation" and "numerous netizens audition", I would like to explain the ranking of the top ten wood flooring brands in 2012 from a non mainstream perspective as a wood flooring practitioner. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked first: nature

nature wood flooring was established in 1995, has a good market reputation, its environmental protection performance is well-known in the industry, and has successfully developed nature ecological flooring. In recent years, it has maintained a strong momentum of sales growth, and its market share is among the best among peer enterprises. This year, it is listed on the h-board in Hong Kong. Its wood flooring covers five series, including reinforcement, ecology, solid wood, solid wood composite, cork, and its wood doors, cabinets, and wallpapers. At the same time, its popularity is greatly enhanced. In the process of developing and expanding with China's flooring industry, actively promote the development of the industry and revitalize national brands. The base material of the product is exquisite, and the designs and colors are diverse. In view of the brand momentum of nature in a series of aggressive combo boxing this year, it should not be too much to list it as the first of the top ten wood flooring brands in 2012. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked second: as the leading brand of flooring and the quality pacesetter in the field of industry, Saint elephant flooring is a large wood flooring enterprise in China. For 13 consecutive years, similar products have been far ahead, and the top position has been stable for many years. It has a strong scale and has the largest wood industry chain in China. Its products cover a wide range, complete categories, advanced equipment, high degree of internationalization, rich production capacity, and can also produce personalized customized products according to customer needs. As the icon floor has been in the leading position for a long time, many consumers will inevitably feel aesthetic fatigue. Moreover, its price is high. Families with tight decoration budget need to be cautious and need considerable economic affordability to consider the icon. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked third: home of life

home of life is a leading solid wood composite flooring production enterprise in China, and is the founder and pioneer of this category. It has a strong capital chain and resource supply, a sound sales network, and quality services in place. Its antique flooring series is well-known, and has applied for national patents. It is well received in the consumer group. It is a flooring enterprise with strong comprehensive strength and high position in the industry

the top ten brands of wood flooring ranked fourth: Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the earliest brand model specializing in floor production and technology research and development in China. It advocates high-standard technical strength, pursues perfect quality service, and is the drafter of China's flooring industry standards. Recently, it is noteworthy that its professional team has developed and applied for the national patented environmental performance technology - vacuum formaldehyde removal technology. This technology can degrade the free formaldehyde in the raw materials of the floor, which is harmful to human health, and reach the latest f ★★★ to f ★★★ advanced standards in Japan. At present, it seems that only icon and Sao Paulo can meet the f ★★★ standards in the domestic floor market, which are also promoting the theme of environmental protection and health. In addition, its products have a good reputation for quality, high comprehensive cost performance, strong wear resistance and moisture resistance, and can meet the needs of consumers with different tastes and strict pickiness

The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked fifth: Anxin

Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Wood Co., Ltd., a domestic multinational wood enterprise, is a first-line brand in the industry, and has a strong cultural heritage. In fact, the wood flooring substrate has certain advantages over other brands, with good quality and excellent technology. Its solid wood composite flooring enjoys a high reputation in China. Anxin flooring is produced in South America, and the raw material price is relatively affordable. Its reputation in the south is better than that in the north, and the sales volume in the North needs to be improved. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked sixth: feilinger

feilinger is a technology-based enterprise from Germany. It has been settled in China for ten years and has been highly praised by consumers and respected by the industry. Take the fashion style line, pursue a variety of designs and colors, and have better quality, which can be comparable with the holy elephant. Correspondingly, the higher cost felinger is even higher in price than the holy elephant, which is a high-end product. Similarly, it is suitable for families with affluent economy and pursuit of fashion

the top ten brands of wood flooring ranked seventh: del

del is a Sino Gardiner joint venture controlled by China and the largest wood flooring manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region, covering flooring, real estate, logistics, education, investment, etc. It has a complete set of floor production lines imported from Germany, Italy and other countries, with rich annual production capacity, good quality service and high market share. It mainly promotes the "hunting aldehyde" technology, which is also the status of environmental friendly and healthy flooring. Generally speaking, del is a good flooring brand

Amazon (Guangzhou) Wood Industry Co., Ltd., a large foreign-funded wood enterprise invested by Amazon group, is located in Xinhua Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou, covering an area of 45000 square meters. It has an annual production capacity of 8million square meters of reinforced wood flooring, 3million square meters of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring, as well as 100000 raw wood doors and solid wood doors. In recent years, the scale has expanded and a new force has emerged. It has successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certified by German TUV, the EU CE certification, and the "China Environmental Labeling Products" certification. The products sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world, and have obtained the "famous export brand" certification of the U.S. Asian economic and Trade Cooperation Commission "High quality products" certification of American International Quality Certification Commission and honors such as "top ten brands in China's flooring industry", "top ten famous brands in China's wooden door industry", "top ten brands in flooring industry", "top ten brands in wooden door industry"; With its strong strength and perfect after-sales service system, Yama King flooring has ranked the top three in the sales of "b&q B & Q" among the world's top 500 for many years. The top ten brands of wood flooring ranked ninth: Jixiang

International Jixiang man afforestation products group, which is a successful example of international finance companies' investment in Chinese Mainland. With large investment scale and complete product categories, it is the preferred raw material supplier for well-known brands in the industry. It has been rated as a national inspection free product for three consecutive years. Jixiang laminate flooring has few designs and colors. It uses its own base materials, including Shengxiang flooring, which is processed by Jixiang factory in Guangdong, but some consumers say its environmental protection performance is not good

the top ten brands of wood flooring ranked 10th: Shiyou

Shiyou flooring has 1600 Shiyou stores and after-sales service outlets, 23 sales branches and 16 logistics centers. Shiyou flooring has introduced a large number of international advanced equipment and built a first-class R & D and testing center in the industry. After 9 years of accumulation, Shiyou came from behind to investigate the use of floors in tens of thousands of households. According to the five major problems highlighted in the use of floors, such as scratch resistance, wear resistance, stability, environmental protection and material quality, the "5A standard" was formulated in 2010. In addition, brands such as Rhine sunshine, Yonglin Blue Leopard, Shengde and Baigao are also well developed in the industry. There are also some new brands with fast growth and strong momentum of development, which makes the competition in the wood flooring industry more intense and tense. As for other brands, they may be limited by local markets and lack external development strength, resulting in difficulties in occupying a long-term dominant position in the competition




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