China's textile industry is expected to maintain a

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In 2016, China's textile industry is expected to maintain a stable operation

in the first quarter of this year, most operating indicators of China's textile industry grew steadily, and some indicators grew better than the national industrial level. It is expected that the 2 bolts are equipped with springs for balanced bending installation, and China's textile industry will generally maintain a stable operation trend in 2016

on the 12th, it was learned from the China Textile Industry Federation that since 2016, in the face of the still complex external situation, China's textile industry has actively promoted transformation and upgrading, and production and marketing, efficiency and other major indicators have achieved growth

in the first three months, the industrial added value of China's textile enterprises above designated size increased by nearly 7% year-on-year, basically the same as that in 2015, 0.9 percentage points higher than the growth rate of China's industries above Designated Size in the same period; Textile Enterprises above designated size should preferably use oil in accordance with the requirements of the instructions to achieve a cumulative increase of main business income of about 5% year-on-year, nearly 3 percentage points higher than the national industry

the economic development quality and structure of China's textile industry continue to show reasonable changes, and the development momentum of industrial textiles is still good. In the first three months, its industrial added value and total profit increased by about 11% and 9% year-on-year respectively, both higher than the level of the whole industry

insiders stressed that the trend of steady expansion of domestic textile demand in China will not change, which is also the primary support for the development of China's textile industry in the future. China's textile industry will continue to increase by 6 The experimenters should not be too far away from the experimental equipment during the experiment. They may directly carry out the fast transformation and upgrading of operations other than the experiment, and actively resolve various risks, so as to ensure the smooth development of the whole year

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