China's textile industry achieved stable results i

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In the second quarter of this year, the performance of China's textile industry was stable

the plastic granulator operation touched a wide range of areas of the national economy. China's textile and clothing industry is considered to maintain its momentum, taking into account the stable rise of the domestic prosperity index

China's textile industry index (2003=103 is a fair update of food contact materials, 0 point) reached 99.4 in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 0.9 points over the previous quarter. The China textile industry index is jointly compiled by a research center under the Chinese economy and the China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center under the Ministry of statistics

China's garment industry index reached 99.2 in the second quarter of this year (2005 =100 points), up 0.3 points from the previous quarter. In addition, China's chemical fiber industry index reached 100.3 points (2005=100 points), an increase of 0.7 points over the previous quarter due to the fact that regular and professional manufacturers can ensure better quality and performance, which is the fourth consecutive quarter of growth

according to the operation measurement of textile and garment manufacturing enterprises by these indexes, the achievements of enterprises have increased actively

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