China's stylus printer market faces a major reshuf

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2008: China's stylus printer market is facing a major reshuffle

recently, star, a Japanese company that once ranked among the top three in the domestic stylus printer market, officially announced that its stylus printer products have completely withdrawn from the Chinese Mainland market. This stone has aroused thousands of waves, which has also triggered discussions about the survival of acupuncture among industry insiders. At present, the mainstream view has two aspects: first, the needle printing market is coming to an end, and star is a signal; 2、 The needle printing market may usher in new development opportunities. Historical practice shows that every industrial reform will lead to the elimination of some brands and the strengthening of some brands

opposing views do not mean that they have nothing in common. Almost all industry insiders believe that star delisting will not become a case in the future. 2008 is the beginning of the major reshuffle of China's needle trading market. Cui Deshun, director of marketing department of Oki company, even believes that this process may last for several years

needle printing will not die PK needle printing will die

after star delisted, Oki, Epson and other needle printing leading manufacturers were asked by the media: does this mean that needle printing will disappear in the printing market? Their common answer is: acupuncture will not disappear. It has been proved that the needle will not die

in 2007, the previously circulated theory that acupuncture was about to end went bankrupt again. Although the inkjet, laser and LED printer markets have developed rapidly, with the deepening of information construction in buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, the connection of oil pump and pipeline, sanitary, postal and other window industries, such as finance, taxation, government, transportation and medical oil pipeline systems, oil leakage is still characterized by its economy, durability, low cost The advantages such as strong multi-layer copy ability defend the irreplaceable leading role in the peripheral application market in specific industries. In 2007, Oki, Epson and other first-line needle manufacturers continued to produce new products, blooming everywhere. In addition to the financial and fiscal systems, they have made gains in transportation, mobile, petrochemical, education, power, postal, railway, civil aviation, health care, small and medium-sized enterprises and other industries

cuideshun, director of marketing department of Oki company, believes that whether the market needs needle punching should be up to the user the final say. Users' needs cannot be fully considered from the perspective of technical indicators. Color printing has the market demand of color printing, and needle printing also has the market demand of needle printing. Cui Deshun said: at present, China's economy is in a period of growth. According to the spirit of the just concluded two sessions, the release of the new medical reform plan, the construction of the urban and rural social security system and the full implementation of the 2008 tax reform have brought new opportunities to the targeted market. At the same time, the arrival of the replacement period of IT equipment for the government and small and medium-sized enterprises has also increased the demand of the targeted market. OKI has been fully prepared to impact a new round of opportunity market. Almost at the same time that star announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, Oki announced that it would increase investment in the needle printing market in 2008, increase the production capacity of Shenzhen workers' touch key operation mode factory, and launch several new needle printing products. This is regarded by industry analysts as a PK move by international first-line needle manufacturers to raise the specter of death caused by star's delisting

encirclement and suppression and counter encirclement and suppression

Star quit the Chinese market and became the first out of a strong brand. There are indeed factors of deterioration of the external environment, but the main reason should be based on strategy. In July, 2007, star company held the 2007 star industry dealer seminar in Beijing, which was attended by 20 industry dealers from all over the country. At this meeting, star company and participating dealers jointly discussed the strategic plan of star company to develop small and medium-sized enterprise customers (SMB) under the new industry procurement mode. At the same time, the two sides exchanged their action guidelines for the promotion of micro printers and narrow line and flat push printers in the future

what is still fresh in our memory is the words of wakami Zenda, President of star China and Southeast Asia Marketing Center: China is the world's most important needle printer market. Star company is one of the few suppliers that still continue to invest in research and development of needle printing products. We are full of confidence in China's needle printing market. Less than a year later, the starsmb strategy did not come to the season of counting the results. Therefore, in the absence of new strategic demands, it is impossible to retreat without war

the direct impact of star's strategic delisting on the needle printing market is the dramatic change in the pattern. In the needle punching market, the current basic pattern is that Epson has the first market share (about 50%). From the figures, Oki, the most powerful competitor of Epson, is far from it, while the gap between manufacturers after Oki is not large. Last year, almost all needle printing manufacturers put forward the idea of expanding market share, and Oki even put forward the goal of reaching 30% market share in 2008

according to this pattern, Epson's market has obviously become the focus of all needle manufacturers. Therefore, in 2007, the Chinese needle punching market has been performing encirclement and suppression and counter encirclement and suppression for a long time. Facing the encirclement and suppression alliance led by Oki, Epson is facing great pressure

star used to be the second largest player in the market, and its strength should not be underestimated. This time star delisted, leaving a vacuum in the market. This vacuum will inevitably lead to the strong intervention of all needle punching manufacturers, including Epson and Oki. Among them, Oki's attack is the most violent. The reason is that Oki's grabbing share from the star vacuum market is obviously less expensive than pulling teeth from Epson, and other manufacturers do not seem to have the strength to compete with Oki and Epson. It is no wonder that Oki company responded quickly, mobilized resources and started to strengthen the Chinese needle market

outcomer and catcher

who will be the next outcomer? This is obviously a sensitive topic. However, it is certain that in 2008, the stormy reshuffle of China's acupuncture market has arrived. In this baptism, some people will inevitably fall in the battle and some will rise in the battle

Epson does not admit the shuffle. Wu Yu, senior product manager of Epson's commercial products division, believes that in the next three to five years, the needle printing market will remain stable, and there will be no shuffle, but the competition at the industry end will become increasingly fierce

Cui Deshun, director of marketing department of Oki company, believes that the market reshuffle is inevitable. In the future, China's needle printing market will be a contest of comprehensive strength such as enterprise brand, technology, products, strategy, tenacity, customer relationship, sales opportunity mining ability and the ability to grasp opportunities. The winner is unknown. Cui Deshun recognizes that there are reasons for the strategic adjustment of star's delisting, but he must also pay attention to its own reasons, such as poor management, insufficient localization (its sales have always been in the charge of Hong Kong companies), insufficient investment (star's domestic needle business accounts for only about 3% of its global business volume), and the external environment is indeed not as good as before, which leads to its delisting. The most important warning for print manufacturers is that it is over to comprehensively improve total factor productivity in the market from 2003 to 2006, and the experience that proved successful in the past seems to be no longer feasible

Cui Deshun didn't give a positive answer to who would be the loser and who would be the catcher. He said that the victory will belong to those who will make the pressure not high and work hard

it will take time to establish a new order

the views of market analysts in the industry are basically inclined to: the market reshuffle in 2008, or to be more serious, it is a foregone conclusion, and the competition will be more intense than ever before. In this process, there may be some manufacturers who cannot withstand the impact of fierce competition and give up, and some manufacturers who give up in order to preserve their strength. In short, a big war is inevitable, and there are many uncertainties about who will win

due to the huge variables in the market environment, the strategies of various manufacturers are still unclear. Therefore, in the years since 2008, the competition in China's needle punching market may be in a stalemate state. Therefore, the establishment of a new market order also takes time. Analysts said that this battle is definitely likely to have many unexpected outcomes. In particular, Oki and a number of other needle manufacturers will go all out to completely rewrite the market situation. Even for Epson, which currently ranks first in market share, it is difficult to relax

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