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With the continuous development of science and technology, AI, as the hottest emerging technology at present, is improving medical services. For example, the fusion application of AI aided diagnosis system in the field of medical imaging has brought more convenience and new perspectives to the development of clinical work


AI image aided diagnosis system is based on the integration of AI, image recognition technology, computer and network technology. In order to alleviate the pressure of radiologists to read films to a certain extent, artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system was proposed and soon was widely used in provincial and municipal hospitals. The system is data-driven and supported by industrial computer hardware. It can diagnose imaging data in a very short time, identify lesion areas and give diagnostic reports. It plays a significant role in reducing doctors' misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and other problems, improving diagnostic efficiency and accuracy, and has a promising market prospect

it is reported that the performance of medical imaging in China is stable and reliable, and the annual growth rate of image data is about 30%, while the annual growth rate of the number of radiologists is only about 4.1%. In the face of the contradiction between human supply and demand, the application of artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system is very excellent in the following aspects:

intelligent film reading and efficient screening of patients: the system can process a large number of CT images at high speed, screen lesions, measure and evaluate them, and diagnose quickly through advanced technologies such as big data and machine learning

automatic recognition, in-depth data mining: the system uses computer to simulate human vision, has the ability of image acquisition, processing and analysis, supports abnormal automatic recognition and judgment, and finally gives a detailed inspection report of this kind of overmolded preforms (pictures from eelcee company) that can be seen on the open door frame to help doctors diagnose and treat

North China industrial control believes that in the process of processing a large number of medical images by the artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system, in addition to the need for strong data processing capabilities, a high-performance computer environment is also very important. In order to support the high-frequency image digital signal transmission and processing of the system, it must have professional, reliable and systematic embedded computer hardware to provide platform support


North China industrial control is a well-known domestic provider of embedded computer products, focusing on the AI medical field. It adopts Intel, NXP, Ruixin micro, Hisilicon, Feiteng and other platform smart cores to create a variety of computer board solutions, industrial machine solutions, etc., which can be applied to artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system

North China industrial control can provide a variety of computer board solutions required by the artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system. The product integrates the efficient processing core, with powerful computing power and significantly increased memory capacity; Multi port design, support Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g network, and have a flexible network application environment; Multi serial port design, support asynchronous synchronous multi display functions such as lvds/edp, support different USB camera shooting requirements, and complete higher-end image processing and HD display; Meet industrial technical indicators, low power consumption, high reliability, and good electromagnetic compatibility; It supports windows, Linux and other systems, and the expansion is excellent according to the introduction of industry experts

North China industrial control can provide a variety of industrial machine solutions required by the artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system for some problems raised by the author. The products are specially designed for industrial sites and meet the eiars-310c standard. The high-quality carbon high-strength structural steel box structure has a beautiful appearance and excellent strength and stiffness; Positive pressure double ball fan design, excellent heat dissipation effect, higher system stability; The shockproof design of the drive frame can effectively protect the drive and prolong the service life of the equipment; Dust proof filter cotton design, easy to operate and maintain

at present, artificial intelligence image aided diagnosis system has been widely used in medical fields such as brain tumors, pulmonary nodules, cardiovascular diseases, pathological diagnosis and so on. For the development and improvement of ai+ healthcare, North China industrial control will continue to innovate and launch more industry-leading embedded computer product solutions

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