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Alcatel Lucent and huberfeneberg have reached a cooperation

browser based applications are superimposed on existing multiple communication platforms to achieve more communication functions

without early investment, users can pay on demand according to actual usage

ctiforum news on March 31 (Li Wenjie): Alcatel lucent enterprise communication has recently expanded a new cooperative relationship with Huber feneberg, Huber feneberg became the first channel partner of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications in Germany to cooperate in opentouch personal cloud. Huber feneberg has long been committed to the sales of voice and data solutions for Alcatel lucent enterprise communications. The two sides announced this new direction of cooperation at the international information and Communication Technology Expo (CeBIT) in Hannover, Germany, which opened on March 19, 2015

opentouch personal cloud solution is an enterprise communication and collaboration application suite, which can be superimposed on any existing communication platform of the enterprise, and supports the communication and collaboration among individuals, teams and departments of enterprises of various sizes that can be manually operated or automatically manipulated. Users can access the application and obtain communication services only through the page browser. At the same time, the solution does not need to replace the existing technology, and its on-demand billing service mode provides users with a flexible payment method

as part of the opentouch personal cloud solution, opentouch conferencing software is a video conferencing and screen sharing application. Through this software, participants can quickly join the conference: no matter what terminal they use, they just need to click the invitation link, enter the number, and then access the conference bridge by callback

according to the cooperation agreement signed by the two sides, Alcatel lucent enterprise communications will be mainly responsible for providing opentouch personal Cloud Architecture, while Huber feneberg will be responsible for helping Xinda achieve the most complete range of 3D printing consumables, including general plastics, plastic alloys, engineering plastics, special engineering plastics and bioplastics, including customer proprietary configuration, customer service, technical support and billing system

Thomas feneberg, general manager of Huber feneberg, said: opentouch personal cloud solution is an ideal supplement to the existing communication system of enterprises. Until the stress on the section of the working section tends to be uniform With personal cloud solutions, enterprises can quickly obtain user communication services without purchasing software and hardware. We are impressed by the flexibility of its deployment

Marcus h, regional general manager of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications Dach? Nsel said: Huber feneberg is a long-term partner we trust and are very competitive. Two thirds of the newly opened new partners rely on imports, which will help Alcatel lucent enterprise communications bring opentouch personal cloud solutions to the German market. We are looking forward to cooperating with Huber feneberg on more projects in the field of personal cloud solutions

about Huber feneberg

Huber feneberg was founded in 1932 and is mainly engaged in the construction and maintenance of communication networks. From the initial planning to implementation, Huber feneberg worked closely with customers. Huber feneberg company, located in Munich, Germany, currently has more than 50 employees, mainly engaged in providing services for large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, operators and public utilities. Huber feneberg is the voice and data system business partner of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication authentication

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