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Alcatel digestion system sandwich throes: more than 800 employees leave

what kind of problem is it to unify wholly foreign-owned companies, Chinese funded companies and Sino foreign joint ventures into one company

how to integrate wholly foreign-owned companies, Chinese funded companies and Sino foreign joint ventures into one company, so as to avoid becoming a "sandwich" company structure, but blend together? How long does this super project take

Ma Jie, vice president of human resources of Alcatel Shanghai Bell, gave the answer: three years

in the afternoon of March 8th, 2004, Majie gave an exclusive interview with this newspaper, telling the story of "grinding a sword for three years". Now, the sword in their hands is buzzing - he wants to rush to attend the president meeting of the company and meet the new boss Degas

Degas once served as the chairman and CEO of Alcatel France, and now is the president of Alcatel Shanghai Bell. For a frontier market like China, even the global boss is willing to do it himself, because the story delivered by these colleagues, with an impact speed of 5.2 meters/second, is not only magical, but also simply charming

new positioning

"Alcatel Shanghai Bell will work from three aspects: achieving more revenue in the operator market and export market, striving for greater breakthroughs in non operator and specialized markets, and increasing investment in growth markets." At the press conference in Beijing on March 4, Dega, the new president of Alcatel Shanghai Bell, said

this is the clearest new expression of its strategy. To be precise, this "Chinese company with international resources" has carried all the strategic functions of Alcatel in the Chinese market since Alcatel obtained the controlling stake in the form of "50% plus 1 share". The new positioning is a common century problem for Chinese Enterprises - how does Alcatel Shanghai Bell survive internationally

this problem has become somewhat philosophical: to succeed, a multinational company must be very successful in the Chinese market; In order to succeed, Chinese companies of transnational corporations must highlight their positions in the global market and mature into international competition

this new positioning inevitably requires that the company organization not only have the advantages of localization, but also have the characteristics of international integration. In other words, the new positioning must be implemented in the organizational structure

with the departure of Yang anzhuo on January 1st, 2004, Alcatel Shanghai Bell ushered in a relatively large organizational framework adjustment to make it more in line with the requirements of the company's strategic positioning - the integration and integration of resources in Alcatel's system is not only Alcatel Shanghai Bell's destiny, but also its opportunity

from the beginning of the merger to the end of last year, Alcatel Shanghai Bell has followed the previous business division system to carry out business. At that time, there were seven major business divisions in parallel, including application software (ASD) company shares, broadband network (Bnd), transmission (ind), voice network (vnd), mobile network (MNS), multimedia terminal (MTDA), network integration and service (NSD), which were temporarily suspended since the opening of the market on the morning of February 9

by the end of February 2004, Alcatel Shanghai Bell's new system structure began to operate. The main change is to merge many original business divisions into three business groups: mobile network, fixed network and dedicated network. In addition, two major marketing platforms have been set up: developing domestic sales key account management team (CAT) and overseas sales network. In addition, in parallel with business groups, there are some central systems, such as human resource management and long-term R & D centers. So as to form a shape interwoven organizational structure pattern in two directions

"this model is actually in line with the system of international companies." Majie said that the integration of all bending tests, on the one hand, is the merger of business units to better integrate resources. At the same time, in general, the functions of the business division are still separate

the launch of cat plan is more concentrated on the implementation of the "providing solutions" strategy in the market. On the one hand, the purpose of such adjustment is to follow the institutional considerations of Alcatel's European parent company and focus on customers. On the other hand, the Chinese market is gradually maturing, and such one-to-one services are also needed

as a result, the original product oriented Sales Department of Shanghai Bell automatically disbanded, and salespeople began to flow to various departments and enter the new sales system

corresponding to the cat plan is the adjustment of the salesperson's salary system. The integrated salary system can better reflect performance. At the beginning of the year, department heads set sales targets for salespersons, in which the speed and quality of sales become important standards for performance appraisal. At the end of the year, the salesperson received a performance bonus accordingly. This is very different from the original sales commission

new incentives

in addition to discussing the implementation of the strategy with the new president, Majie's important work from March to April is to do the "organizational development and evaluation" (OD & Review) of employees. At this time, it is nearly a year since the company issued an offer letter to all employees in April last year

"acceptance of offer letter means recognition of our position arrangement and salary system." Majie said that the new salary system began to operate in April 2003. Before that, Majie led the human resources department to do a lot of work on "organizational development and employee relations". Organizational development and employee evaluation were launched at that time, so after a year of operation, the evaluation in March this year is very important for "the improvement of the organizational framework and the supporting effect of the company's organization on strategy". Majie frankly said that this is related to the efficiency of the company. Or caused by the loosening and displacement of the pointer

obviously, Majie is adjusting the organizational structure at the starting point of employee motivation, and opening up the path to support the company's strategy - it is like a nucleus, and we should be careful when making it fuse

"in summary, we determined that the basis of the new salary system after the merger is the performance principle and market principle." Majie said that if this set of salary

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