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Talk about AI status and future 2019 International Conference on AI innovation and application held in Shanghai

original title: talk about AI status and future 2019 International Conference on AI innovation and application held in Shanghai

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Xinmin Evening News (Gaoyang) in order to promote domestic and foreign scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, as well as the transformation of achievements of AI innovation and application, and expand the international application channels of AI industry, The "2019 International Conference on AI innovation and application" hosted by Shanghai Science and technology exchange center was held in Shanghai last weekend. At the meeting, experts and scholars from industry university research institutions gathered signals to discuss the academic frontier of AI, the current situation of ethics and education construction, and the application and development of AI in the fields of public security, transportation, low altitude safety and urban management

in recent years, facing the national strategy and major original innovation needs, some manufacturers of ultra-high dimensional machines facing common sense learning can only output basic theories and new algorithms such as maximum force machine learning and new generation machine learning, so as to promote universities and scientific research institutes in Shanghai to increase resource investment and accelerate the formation of original innovation strategy capability. In terms of innovative applications, we will focus on key areas such as transportation, community, health and health, build a smart travel service system, and use artificial intelligence technology to empower communities to realize risk identification, assessment, early warning, prevention and disposal. At present, Shencheng is developing the explosion-proof characteristics of the key common technology of artificial intelligence through the collaborative development of industry, University, research and application. Such materials will provide many benefit technology systems, support the application of landmark industries, and accelerate the occupation of the commanding heights of key core technologies

"the AI revolution has arrived, and at present, we need to carefully consider the risks and opportunities brought by AI." Wang Lin, deputy director of beam science and technology innovation center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said. In this context, Al's educational learning and resource links will become important inputs. The College of Humanities of shanghaijiaotonguniversity has proposed artificial intelligence based on people-oriented sources. "The research and exploration of artificial intelligence need to strengthen our human nature, not reduce or replace human nature as the ultimate goal."

in recent years, thanks to the breakthrough of deep learning algorithm, the improvement of hardware computing power and the accumulation of interconnected data, perceptual artificial intelligence represented by face recognition and speech recognition has reached the commercial level, and gradually entered the field of public security with the help of demand driven and national industrial guidance policies. Hu Chuanping, vice president of Railway Police College, said that AI technology has revolutionary significance for the development of intelligent policing. Complex case data processing, major cases and major security battle command are inseparable from the support of AI and big data technology. "In the future, the construction of public security informatization will closely focus on the goal of high-level 'smart public security', constantly introduce and absorb the latest scientific research achievements in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence and so on. At the same time, it will take 'data policing' as the starting point, further promote the integration and application of modern information technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, big data, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and 5g, and form a unique public security informatization technology system."

after years of development, the intelligent level of traffic management in China, such as intelligent perception, command and scheduling, signal control, has been improved. However, it is undeniable that the application of artificial intelligence in China's traffic management is still in its infancy, and there are still many innovative applications to be tapped. Jiang Liangwei, chief researcher in the field of Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, told that the current slow progress of traffic management AI is mainly due to the fact that data restricts the innovation of algorithms and computing power. "Building application scenarios and generating practical data" should be the top priority of traffic management AI. The transformation of the traffic management industry under the support of AI will mainly focus on several major points in the future: developing new traffic connection equipment, improving the global perception of road traffic elements, and building a new cloud side platform for traffic management

the driving safety of vehicles such as automobiles, ships, rail transit and unmanned aerial vehicles and the safety protection of important facilities have become new technical challenges and research hotspots facing urban safety. Wang Leilei, deputy director of 802 Institute of the eighth Academy of Astronautics, said that at this stage, there are great limitations in the single detection means and interception means for low and slow small targets, and it is necessary to adopt the multi coordinated AI composite sensing technology to realize the accurate detection and behavior recognition of low altitude small aircraft in the complex urban environment. "By integrating a variety of advanced detection, identification, tracking and Countermeasures technologies in the military industry, we have successfully built a low altitude surveillance and combat integrated system based on AI empowerment, which can comprehensively improve the informatization level of low altitude safety management."

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