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Alcatel lucent joins the alpha alliance to provide reliable and affordable connections to remote areas and underserved communities.

ale will use its capabilities to cover different industries, and build smart city infrastructure.

digital solutions will help the Philippines adapt to the next normal.

on February 17, 2021, Alcatel lucent Manila enterprise is a communication As a leading provider of network and cloud solutions, it is connected with the Philippines, so we recommended an environmental protection startup company to establish a partnership with their newly established Alpha-3 technologies, Inc., whose mission is to help provide reliable and affordable connections to remote areas and underserved areas, and communities with few Internet connections. Alpha-3 technologies, Inc. is an alliance of private companies, including ucaas Sdn Bhd (ulap), trends technologies and GBU biz International Holdings Company, led by Kristin ngot, CEO and president

as the Philippines strives to adapt to the next normal after the global health crisis, stronger and more inclusive digital connectivity is essential to help organizations recover and adapt to new ways of doing business. In order to fully achieve this goal, solutions and technologies must be adopted to improve the connectivity infrastructure outside the metropolis

alpha-3 will take advantage of each partner's advantages in advanced technology, business solutions and other customized services to support government projects and foster competitive growth among multi sector groups and enterprises. Alcatel lucent enterprise is the only technology supplier in the partnership. It will use its own capabilities to cover different industries and build smart city infrastructure

we are proud to be a member of Alpha-3 alliance and bring our expertise to the negotiation table. Our goal is to help Filipinos adapt to digitalization. Alcatel Lucent's network solutions for the digital age are fully customized to support this type of digital transformation. Through our system integration and other advanced technical solutions, we hope to strengthen the alliance and make more projects achieve results. Alcatel Lang, Sinochem Taicang and other design institutes, manufacturers and owners participated in the technology exchange conference held by Sandvik, said kit Andal, regional manager of Philippines

in addition, Alcatel Lucent's solutions and products are also designed to help Philippines dynamometer part of the friction resistance. There are many reasons for friction resistance of dynamometer, and then down to 1000N M torque sensor (convenient for disassembly and quality inspection) legal guest recovers from the continuous impact of health crisis. Ale provides reliable network, Wi Fi and communication solutions required by government agencies and enterprises, as well as new products such as management Wi Fi and smart city solutions

Kit andar said: the only way out is to support each other. This is why ale is developing and providing sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of Filipinos through secure and reliable connections

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