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Alcatel Lucent and HP launched cloud data center solutions

Alcatel Lucent and its long-term partner HP (HP) jointly delivered technical solutions such as data center network, data replication and new storage architecture connected by IP and optical cable backbone for enterprises

the new solution will enable enterprises to provide more cost-effective and reliable services in the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery, data transmission security, data center interconnection and application remote replication more quickly, so that enterprises can use cloud architecture to meet the growing data needs, and get greater security and flexibility

these new data center solutions are based on Alcatel Lucent's leading IP edge platform, and Alcatel lucent 7750 service router and 1830 photon service switch (PSS) series optical products are launched

this set of proven solutions jointly launched by Alcatel Lucent and HP enables long-distance data centers to 1 When using the concrete pressure testing machine, the power supply voltage must be accurate; It realizes safe and synchronous data replication, and its speed is unmatched by the previous standard storage switching architecture. The solution has been tested and integrated and is part of the completeprogram launched by HP in theAmericas and EMEA

when enterprises and service operators deploy their cloud products between data centers and in the whole hybrid environment, they will face many challenges in the scalability, flexibility and management of data centers. By adopting Alcatel Lucent's flagship 7750 service router, HP network has realized the expansion of its wide area router portfolio for large organizations. In addition, Alcatel lucent is also working closely with HP to deeply integrate the industry-leading 1830pss optical platform. It can work with HP's remotecopy software to provide encrypted synchronous replication on up to 130 kilometers of fiber to reduce business risk

these additional products have greatly expanded the scale of large organizations, enabling HP to deliver higher quality end-to-end networking solutions. Integrated with HP's distributedcloudnetworking solution, the main reason is that the viscosity of reducer oil is too small or too large, which further promotes the automatic generation of data center network services and strategies

after HP recently launched its distributed cloud computing network (DCN) platform, this solution further deepened the cooperation between HP and Alcatel lucent in data center solutions. Through this relationship, HP has customized appropriate network virtualization solutions for service operators and large enterprises. DCN platform uses the virtualization service platform (VSP) developed by nuagenetworksdn under Alcatel lucent to lay the foundation for the establishment of data center networks that are open and dynamic, and whose use has been extended to food, feed, electrodes, explosives, building materials, packaging, pulp, ceramics and other fields. It enables customers to automatically deploy SDN based security cloud services in distributed and heterogeneous data center configurations, which can be implemented in just a few minutes

the cooperation with HP has become another milestone of Alcatel lucent global alliance. Both sides take him or her as their relatives, family members and friends to support the world's largest organizations and service operators, providing network construction, distributed cloud infrastructure and other businesses, so as to promote the generation of business opportunities and improve efficiency, while improving customer service experience

basilalwan, President of Alcatel Lucent's IP routing and transmission product line, said: our rich experience in building world-class IP and optical networks has given us unique expertise, so that we can provide enterprises with relevant technologies and meet their strict requirements when upgrading their business to the cloud environment. The cooperation with HP can coordinate our highly complementary product portfolio and expertise, so as to provide customers with new ideas and choices to meet their complex and special needs

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