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Agfa launched a PDF production tool suitable for high-level printing - apogee create

Agfa officially launched a PDF file production tool specially designed for front-end designers and creators - apogee create. Because of the convenience and portability of PDF files, they are popular with people from all walks of life. But because The file transfer tools such as distiller and PDF writer attached to Adobe Acrobat are designed for all users when applying any load. Although they are correctly set and meet the requirements of printing, they are not a special scheme for high-level printing. Users still encounter various problems, such as inconsistent word titles, low resolution image files, no bleeding bits, poor Chinese fonts, etc. In order to solve the above problems and enable the industry to enjoy the benefits of PDF file format, Agfa created apogee create. Apogee creat is one of the members of apogee series2 modular automatic workflow. It is a PDF standard tool for the printing profession tailored by Agfa with its years of experience in the printing profession. Designers can use apogee create to efficiently generate PDF files suitable for printing, and quickly connect with prepress service providers, publishers and printers, so that all groups in the workflow are closely linked to achieve a real from think toink. The PDF file contains all the information required for printing. If the function of its electronic work ticket is matched with the output center or printing plant with apogee pilot automated workflow at the back end, its workflow can give full play to the characteristics of automation, reduce errors and improve production efficiency

apogee create function

◆ apogee create converts postscript or EPS files into reliable PDF digital files

◆ it can be connected with apogee pilot

◆ open workflow structure ensures that new and old applications can be connected

◆ acrobat4.0 and pitstop plugins make modification fast and easy

◆ automatically generate portable job ticket fo efficient rmat (pjtf) files to ensure that production partners can get other important production materials from the work files

◆ the work ticket machine provides interactive pre check function and page/file function

apogee create (dongle protected version) can install Chinese CID fonts developed by Chinese font companies, such as mono type, DYNA, etc. The advantages of using Chinese CID characters include:

◆ Chinese characters have been embedded in PDF files, so no matter when viewing or printing, you don't need to worry about whether the other party has corresponding characters, and you can get what you see

◆ the processing speed is greatly accelerated. The processing speed of Chinese CID Fonts is about 66 times faster than that of true type fonts

◆ because the Chinese CID font embedded in the PDF file is still a word, not a dot matrix pattern or outline pattern. Therefore, you can find the relevant text in the PDF file at any time, and you can copy it for reuse, which enhances the way of making Chinese e-books

◆ the size of the file is smaller than the dot matrix pattern or frame pattern, which greatly improves the transmission speed on the network and interconnection

constitute a normalized industry university research collaborative innovation mechanism ◆ establish that the file contains relevant components, including supporting bleeds, multi tones, color gradients, coloriz to rotate which objective lens it uses. Ed tiffs, overprint and spot colors

◆ provide environment settings for multiple users to share the same font and generate PDF files; Its operation is like a web printer. Users do not need to worry about the complex processes and settings when generating PDF files

application of apogee create

apogee create is an important tool for designers, creators or advertising companies, which can strengthen the contact with prepress service providers, publishers or printing partners and improve production efficiency. Similarly, for prepress workers, apogee create can improve the efficiency of the workflow between them and their design partners, which is also a worthwhile investment. In addition to winning the Seybold award and publish award, Agfa's apogee was recently recommended by the American Printing Technology Association as one of the new technology products that "have a real impact on the future printing industry", because apogee is "the first high-end prepress production system based on PDF, which can fully integrate PDF into the workflow and bring great changes to printers". In addition, apogee create and Sherpa digital typewriting systems are also honored as "designer friendly" by American graphic design magazine. The magazine commented on apogee create that "through apogee create, PDF files can be made, which opens the door to apogee digital workflow and the entire production system for designers.

(courtesy of AGFA)

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