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Hi push AI business card 3.0: privacy protection +home key navigation + business card code

the original title plastic material has lighter quality: Hi push AI business card 3.0: privacy protection +home key navigation + business card code based on the thinking of market form and user needs, hi push AI business card launched version 3.0, which once again attracted great attention in the industry. However, I believe that users who have long paid attention to hi-tech and are careful can

original title: hi-tech AI business card 3.0: privacy protection +home key navigation + business card code

based on thinking about the market form and user needs, hi-tech AI business card launched version 3.0, which once again attracted great attention in the industry

however, it is believed that users who have paid long-term attention to xitui and are careful may find that the updated version 3.0 does not seem to be as big as the changes made when xitui 2.0 was launched. There are only three simple major updates, namely, the new business card code gyroscope function, the key privacy protection function and the navigation bar home key function

so, this simple version iteration, why doesn't xitui call it xitui 2.1 and xitui 2.2, but directly call it subversive xitui 3.0

in fact, this seemingly simple update is not simple at all

to simplify thinking and make products>; 3

many products on the market now blindly pursue multiple functions and large systems, which makes the products more and more thick, but in fact, users may only need oneortwo functions, and the mixing of redundant functions makes users feel bad. A really good product should be extremely simple, with more functions and simpler operations, so that users can learn and use it easily and obtain the value they need

like to push, abandon redundant designs, and use a simple home key to go directly to everything. Unlike other smart business cards, the five functions of customer service, mall, home page, territory and me, which were originally placed in the function bar at the bottom, have been integrated into a number of secondary patches, and the number of operation function buttons has been reduced from 13 to 5. This change will not only make the function missing, but also make the operation and visual experience further

transposition thinking to solve the real demands of customers

as we all know, when exchanging business cards, passing the font direction of business cards to each other is a basic business etiquette. Change the experimental machine. When the salesperson uses artificial intelligence business cards, Markus Geier, the sales director of diefenbach, added: "The new fiberforge system is the fastest strip stacking system in the world, and it also needs to follow this etiquette. Then, how can the two exchange subjects opposite the line, when scanning the code of each other, see the basic information of the position and name at a glance, without rotating, or exchanging positions? This is a transposition thinking of the use scenario.

therefore, we like to take the lead in using the business card code to display the gyroscope function, when the user gives When others show their business card code, the business card code interface will automatically rotate 180 degrees, which is convenient for the other party to scan the code and save the business card. The whole business card display process does not need to rotate or exchange positions, which is more in line with people's usage habits. Let people interact with each other. Then call you to learn what matters to pay attention to when using the cement pressure tester and what its characteristics are? More natural, comfortable and efficient

humanized thinking, the first step to open business opportunities

whether it is the version before 2.0 or other similar products on the market. In terms of functional design, there is a serious lack of transposition thinking on the personal privacy protection of salespersons. When a salesperson opens a business card, all his personal information, such as email, will be automatically disclosed, and all visitors entering the applet can view it, which will add unnecessary risk of information harassment to the salesperson's normal life. Therefore, the salesperson is very disgusted with this, and even refuses to use AI business cards

xitui version 3.0 has hidden the user's personal sensitive information, such as, email, etc. only authorized visitors can view these contents, restoring the real business card exchange scene. On the premise that both parties know each other, it can better protect the privacy and safety of business card users. On the basis of mutual credit, business card owners will become simpler in information screening

therefore, to sum up, these seemingly simple function updates are actually a leap in xitui's understanding of products, full of xitui's real thinking on user demands, in-depth understanding of humanization, and another reexamination of product experience

it can be said that xitui 3.0 is a major milestone in the development of xitui, which marks the qualitative change of xitui technology from a technology-based company to a user integrated solution company. Although this version upgrade is small, its subsequent significance is very significant

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