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In recent years, the pace of intelligent transportation construction in China has been accelerating, and the construction of intelligent transportation in various regions has achieved certain results. The scale construction of urban road traffic control system, off-site law enforcement, traffic lights, traffic flow collection, traffic guidance, etc charging system, parking lot resource guidance system has been preliminarily completed; The services based on intelligent transportation system, such as road information release, parking guidance, and road condition information push, have been basically realized

as an important part of the construction of smart city, its position is undoubtedly decisive, in which the subdivision modules work together to build an intelligent transportation system. In many modules, there are different attempts of social capital, which has a large market and good application prospects

the core architecture of the new urban brain intelligent transportation includes two aspects: the data chassis composed of data storage platform and computing platform, and the application components composed of AI open platform and application service platform constitute the open layer of the brain. The intelligent transportation system data chassis needs to carry a large amount of data input and feedback, make rapid response to external information, and output solutions. How should manufacturers of intelligent and big data application spring testing machines choose? Next, our technicians tell you that the environment puts forward very strict requirements for computer hardware that supports the data chassis

in the field of intelligent transportation, North China industrial control has been committed to combining the company's R & D and production advantages with the development trend of intellectualization. As a senior embedded hardware solution provider in the industry, it will continue to focus on the industrial computer industry, and use products to help the optimization and development of intelligent transportation systems. There are many flagship products in the industry that can be used for smart transportation data chassis

as a core system, the control center participates in the construction of intelligent transportation, and can also make perfect efforts in other subdivisions, such as traffic guidance, etc system, parking guidance, intelligent street lights and other fields

in terms of traffic guidance, the traffic guidance screen is the most widely used at present. It has been in the outdoor environment for a long time, so it needs to have good adaptability to the outdoor harsh environment and operate continuously and reliably for 24 hours. It is more necessary to have a good network application environment, equipped with rich external network interfaces, real-time data sharing, play the role of guidance, information provision and information feedback, stable and effective information provision, product performance is very critical, which directly affects the application effect and function display

in the field of embedded hardware of traffic guidance display system, North China industrial control has provided high-quality services for many needs with multiple industry experience, which has been widely praised by the market. Among them, a number of arm architecture multi port motherboards have been implemented in practical applications

etc system is located in a relatively bad external environment, which must meet the requirements of long-term stable and reliable operation, and need to have efficient and fast response ability and processing ability, which requires the lane computer of high-speed toll etc system to choose industrial computer products that can meet the above demands

North China industrial control, a well-known industrial computer manufacturer with more than 20 years of industry experience, its embedded industrial computer products have the ability to adapt to harsh environments such as dust prevention, high and low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance, etc., and can operate stably, reliably and safely for a long time in 24 hours, including a variety of interfaces to mediate, resolve and upgrade the economic tension of people such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., and can realize display, transmission Technical demands in storage and other aspects; It has the advantages of low power consumption, large memory, faster processing speed, strong expansion ability and so on, and can meet the requirements of the computer hardware technology of the etc toll system Lane computer for the maintenance of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

at present, the smart streetlight, which is favored by many places, builds cloud data by hardware systems with different divisions of labor, has the functions of LED real-time scrolling screen, energy saving and consumption reduction, realizes wireless WiFi, remote control, real-time monitoring of environmental data, fault alarm and other functions, and can summarize the collected information to the backstage command center to provide real-time data for intelligent traffic management, and realize the multi pole one, one pole multi-function intelligent management mode. The realization of these functions is coordinated by the remote control system, intelligent induction street lamp and data system

with the development of urban road system more and more perfect, the layout structure of urban area street lamp system is also more and more complex. To carry out remote control and management, a powerful control system is needed to support the huge data input and output project. North China industrial control recently developed a number of ice fin structure embedded quasi systems that can provide product support for the intelligent street lamp remote control system. The company's third-generation ice fin structure embedded quasi system bis-6680h based on Intel H110 chipset is one of the representatives. 1. Remove the broken sample and turn off the screen display switch

in the parking module, there are mainly two sub areas that have been under high-density construction at present. One is parking guidance, which can be highly integrated with the traffic guidance screen and jointly established

after urban vehicles enter the parking lot, the gradual promotion of unattended parking charging system provides a new way to improve efficiency. The parking charging system is composed of hardware configuration and software. Based on the software system with powerful image analysis and processing, its basic hardware configuration is composed of camera recognition system and master computer system. As a control system, the master control system affects the speed of image, video and other information processing and the accuracy of output results, and plays a vital role in the efficient and accurate operation of the whole process. Therefore, professional industrial computers with high performance, strong environmental adaptability and low energy consumption are mostly selected in the industry to provide hardware support for the intelligent billing master control system

it is precisely because it is fully aware of the key role played by professional industrial control computers in the non parking billing system and the broad prospects of intelligent parking systems that North China industrial control has been committed to the research of embedded computers in this field, and has launched a series of embedded motherboards by deeply combining the company's product experience accumulated for many years with the computer hardware requirements of the non parking billing system

at present, as a very basic module in intelligent transportation, camera monitoring system has been given more roles. The support of more intelligent technologies in the monitoring system makes its system construction more perfect and tends to intelligent development

at present, the new intelligent monitoring product scheme created by North China industrial control introduces the concept of edge computing. Based on the intelligent Hisilicon chipset vision platform, it has the characteristics of high-quality UHD video coding and decoding ability, rich interfaces, strong scalability and so on. With nnie neural network unit, it is suitable for edge computing, end processing and other applications, and can be widely used in AI Artificial Intelligence, HD video monitoring system, HD motion camera 3d/vr cameras and other AI fields that need in-depth learning, their strong data processing capabilities make them frequent efforts in the era of intelligent security, and have a broad market in the era of national security

while doing a good job in its own industry, smart transportation also needs to be extended horizontally to provide mutual services with various industries of smart city, such as smart medicine, smart security, smart environmental protection, etc., so as to avoid information islands or repeated construction. These all have higher requirements for the data processing capacity, information interconnection ability and performance of the hardware industry. Create a new mode, new system and new normal of smart city transportation, provide comprehensive travel information for citizens, provide auxiliary decision support for transportation industry management, and make people, vehicles and roads closely cooperate to achieve harmony and unity. North China industrial control will give full support

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