How to develop the hottest packaged drinking water

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How to develop packaged drinking water healthily

recently, the 10th general meeting and industrial technology exchange meeting of natural mineral water branch of China beverage industry association was held in Suzhou, and more than 150 water enterprises worked together to provide advice for the development of packaged drinking water

it is understood that the theme of this meeting is to adhere to the high value of products and consolidate natural and good products. It is currently the largest and highest level drinking water industry conference in China. It is hosted by the natural mineral water branch of the national beverage industry association. The water enterprises participating in the meeting covered all kinds of packaged drinking water. The meeting studied the development of mineral water products, and also discussed the quality, standards, food safety, technological progress and other issues faced by packaged drinking water enterprises # steel handle: hard wood. After the meeting, the China Beverage Industry Association organized members to visit the dongtingshan enterprise water culture center. All visiting members expressed their appreciation for the enterprise's practice of raising citizens' awareness of healthy drinking water by taking water culture as the theme exhibition hall and combining the visit of production lines

it is reported that the China Beverage Industry Association currently owns battery extrusion testing machines, which are mainly aimed at single cells of rechargeable batteries, with more than 500 members. Among them, the number of enterprises producing packaged drinking water accounts for more than 40%, and the annual output of member packaged drinking water is more than 40million tons, accounting for more than 70% of the total output of packaged drinking water in the country. The number of enterprises with annual output of more than one million tons of packaged drinking water in the member units of the association is 7, and the volume of packaged drinking water in 7 enterprises accounts for 45% of the national total

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