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How to develop new customers without customer resources

in general, how to meet more business friends

a. Nowadays, it has become the mainstream to find foreign customers on the Internet. The main method is to publish information on some business stations. I think we should keep sending it, constantly looking for places that can be published, and desperately send it. The more we send it, the more opportunities we have. If you have money, you can go to a better station to become a member, and if you spend money, you have to send it every day! Some people will say that it's not very tiring. If you can't find customers on the Internet, you have to do this, otherwise there will be a lot of less opportunities! At ordinary times, collect more trading stations and trading stations suitable for your products, which should become the content of your daily work

b. I think doing business is the process of making businessmen's friends. If you find a way to make more friends, your customers will follow. Many people are not your customers today, maybe tomorrow. Unexpectedly, they may introduce more business friends to you. As long as you keep accumulating, Customer resources will be greatly available (even if some people are not suitable for your products and cannot do business, in the worst case, when you apply for a job in the future, you may confidently tell the person applying for you that I am a person with customer resources, ha ha, including your "rampant and unimpeded" in the foreign trade industry)

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c, when you see it, there must be a friend who will say, how can you make business friends in the vast crowd? Yes, the friend who raised this question seems to be a foreign trade talent who really does things and thinks about problems. Congratulations, wealth will come to you sooner or later, it's just a matter of time! In fact, making business friends is not a matter of two days a day. It can't be done quickly, because it's a matter of two people. Wishful thinking like chasing mm is not advisable, so our friends in foreign trade must have the mind of standing high and looking far, and stick to treating every friend you think is worth communicating with for a long time. Maybe before long, you will find that you have a lot of business friends

in general, how can we meet more businessmen

the first trick: it's a good way to accumulate in your work. For example, the people you have inquired about and the customers you have promoted are actually your potential business friends. The key is how you can establish friendship in the future, because you have been in contact, usually e-mail or MSN. In fact, you can take the initiative to greet others at intervals or on festivals, and your feelings will heat up urgently; Hehe, but don't be too enthusiastic about people. This design strategy is beneficial to maintaining the balance between cost and performance. I'm not responsible for other misunderstandings

the second trick: often go to some forums that businessmen may go to. When you see the good post or the post related to your products and business, you can check whether this person has contact information or not. Take the initiative to follow the post or Lou Jianfeng, vice president of Asia Pacific of BASF characteristic materials business department, said that if you contact him, you may become a confidant in the future

the third trick is to take part in more activities in the business circle. The business circle I mentioned also includes friends, usual gatherings before peers, and introductions between friends will quickly establish your business circle. As long as you maintain it carefully in the future, I believe you will be everywhere in the business field

there are many ways. I won't give examples one by one. Doing business is being a man. Rich people say that it's easy to earn money. If they don't have enough money, someone will give it to them right away. Because their life levels are different and the people they contact are different, money is not the biggest problem for them, so I think it's very important to build their own life level in order to do a good business

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