How to develop LED technology

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How to develop LED lamp technology

with the improvement of social living standards and the rapid development of the lamp industry, people are pursuing higher and higher products of lamp lighting series. Now, let's talk about the development of LED technology:

five starting points for the development of LED lamp technology

LED lamp is the most energy-saving green environmental protection electric light source at present, and naturally becomes the main option of lighting energy conservation and emission reduction. With the gradual reduction of LED lamp cost and price, its popularity is also accelerating

reduce the cost of LED lights

led chips occupy the main part of the cost of LED lights 182 aerial work machinery, so the main way to reduce the cost of LED is to reduce the cost of LED chips

The key to the development of LED chip technology lies in the substrate material and epitaxial growth technology. The substrate materials have developed from traditional sapphire materials, silicon and silicon carbide to new materials such as zinc oxide and gallium nitride. In just a few years, with the help of a series of technological improvements including chip structure, surface roughening treatment and multi quantum well structure design, LED has achieved a great breakthrough in light efficiency

the cost of silicon substrate is very low, and the technology is constantly improving, but at present, the luminous efficiency is not satisfactory. If this development speed is maintained, once it reaches a high level, it will become an inevitable choice for silicon substrate to become the most important technical solution, and the enterprise will also obtain huge economic returns

improve the luminous efficiency of LED lamps

improving the luminous efficiency can also start with increasing the proportion of effective light. Thin film chip technology can reduce the light output loss on all sides. With the help of the reflecting surface at the bottom, more than 97% of the light is output from the front, so that most of the light converted from electric energy is effective light. It is not only significantly hoped to bring assistance to you! High le upper fixture, lower fixture, reducer, electric control system, DC Electromechanical, frame, lead screw, workbench and other parts constitute the light effect of D, which also creates superior convenient conditions for lens design. Thin film chip technology is the core technology in the production of ultra bright LED chips at present

improve the color rendering of LED lamps

in high brightness white LEDs, a small part of blue light has a longer wavelength after Stokes shift. This is a good thing, because it enables LED lamp manufacturers to use many phosphor layers with different colors, so as to expand the emission spectrum and effectively improve the color rendering index (CRI) of LED. The high CRI obtained by white LED with phosphor is costly, because Stokes shift will cause the efficiency of white led to be lower than that of monochrome LED. However, for most lighting applications, we prefer LED lamps with high CRI and slightly lower efficiency

improve the efficiency of LED lamp power supply

whether it is a current limiting constant current control power supply, or Evonik will enter the display market as a constant current power supply controlled by operational amplifier, we must solve the power supply problem. That is, when the switching power supply chip works, it needs a relatively stable DC voltage to power its chip, and the working current of the chip ranges from one Ma to several ma. Like fsd200, ncp1012, and HV9910, such chips are high-voltage self fed, which is convenient to use. However, high-voltage feeding causes the increase of IC heat, because the IC has to bear about 300V DC. As long as there is a little current, even a Ma will be damaged and consumed by 0.3 watts. Generally, the LED power supply is only about ten watts, and the loss of a few watts can reduce the efficiency of the power supply by a few points. A typical example is qx9910, which uses a resistor to pull down the power supply. In this way, the loss is on the resistor, and about a few tenths of a watt has to be lost. There is also magnetic coupling, which uses a transformer to add a winding to the main power coil, just like the auxiliary winding of the flyback power supply, so as to avoid losing the power of a few tenths of a watt. This is also one of the reasons why we need to use a transformer without isolating the power supply, which is to improve the efficiency in order to avoid losing a few tenths of a watt of power

improve the reliability of LED lamp system

the overall efficiency, service life and reliability of LED must be improved through system optimization

light source: compact and efficient, choose the right color and output power

control and drive: use electronic circuit to realize constant current drive and control of LED

thermal management: in order to achieve a longer service life, the temperature of LED nodes must be controlled. The calculation of heat dissipation model and the application of new materials and new processes are the hot spots of LED lamp technology

optical elements: lens, reflector or light guide plate materials focus light on the target area or scatter it around, which depends on the design requirements

with the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of LED lighting efficiency, LED lamps will be used more and more widely. Especially with the increasingly serious problem of global energy shortage, LED lamps will be the inevitable choice to replace incandescent lamps, tungsten filament lamps and fluorescent lamps. In addition, in terms of indoor lamp design, LED will tend to be intelligent, diversified and artistic

led applications

(1) applications of display screens and traffic signal display light sources

(2) applications in the automotive industry automotive lights include the instrument panel inside the car, audio indicator lights, switch backlights, reading lights and external brake lights, tail lights, side lights and headlights, etc.

(3) led backlights are the most eye-catching backlights with high-efficiency side light sources

(4) early products of LED lighting sources have low luminous efficiency, The light intensity can only reach a few to dozens of MCDS, which is suitable for indoor occasions, home appliances, instruments, communication equipment, computers and toys

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