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Abstract: according to the authoritative statistics of the Ministry of public security, a family is stolen every three minutes, with a cumulative theft loss of 1130 billion yuan every year. 80% of thieves enter the room through the door lock, of which 85% of the stolen families are in the residential area with property industry, and 50% of the theft cases occur in the daytime when there is no one at home. However, more terrible than theft are vicious cases such as burglary and murder

from the data of indoor robberies every year, we can roughly draw the following information:

1. Door lock is the key to ensure family safety

2. The high incidence of theft when unattended indicates that the key to the problem is that the owner cannot control the family situation anytime and anywhere

3. The owner cannot influence or control the development of the situation to ensure the safety of his family

many people have encountered the case that one lock can open two doors. They compared the keys and found that they were different. In fact, the principle of the traditional mechanical lock is the combination of mechanical passwords. The holes and the (3) contact information in the lock: a convex concave fit is formed between the marbles. As long as the combination is consistent, the lock can be opened. In this way, the key relationship of "one radish, one pit" is very difficult to achieve, that is to say, the door we usually lock can prevent only some honest people, and just honest people don't need to prevent, and for those who want to do something in China, these are likely to have no meaning, so it's almost a chicken rib to lock the door carefully at ordinary times. How on earth can we make our family property more secure

by comparison, the security of smart door lock is relatively high. The door lock is connected with the interconnection through the network, and can be locked and unlocked by app connection, and the corresponding up and unlocking status can be recorded; It can also be unlocked automatically through the user's NFC near-field communication function and Bluetooth function; Or manually unlock through the keyboard input password function and fingerprint identification function on the door lock; No longer set mechanical key holes, so that ordinary thieves who pry the door and unlock can't find a place to poke the wire into; When the lock is violently damaged or pried, it will automatically send text messages and call the owner. Among the bound numbers, it will take turns to dial until the dial alarm is completed; It will also automatically send out a high decibel alarm to scare off thieves

in fact, with the rise of smart home, the application of smart locks has gradually become widespread. According to incomplete statistics, smart door locks accounted for only 3% of the lock Market in 2012. Since 2014, the market share has increased significantly, and some concessions must be made. By 2016, it has reached 15%. At present, there is a market demand of about 5million sets of fingerprint locks in the commercial and civil markets, including finance, military and police, office and high-end housing. However, in the face of such a huge market growth, many experts pointed out that the competition between domestic high-end lock manufacturers and foreign brands is still in the "imitation stage". At the same time, the supporting service system does not have the "world-class level". These two factors directly affect the popularity of digital electronic door locks in China. China's smart electronic locks account for only 2% of the civil lock market, while in European and American countries, smart electronic locks account for 50% of civil locks. Japan and South Korea have accounted for more than 70% of the civil lock market share, and the proportion of Korean apartments using smart electronic locks is as high as 90%

smart door lock has great potential and is a real blue ocean market. Generally speaking, the market of intelligent locks in China is in the initial stage of rise. At present, there is no star level enterprise in this field, and everyone is doing their best to enclosure. Therefore, capital has also bet on the smart lock Market in an attempt to take a share in this market. At the same time, the development direction of intelligent locks in the future is also an important influencing factor for its popularity

how to make security more reliable

the first priority for the existence of locks is to ensure safety. Smart door locks can stand out and occupy a position in locks. The biggest reliance is to ensure the safety of life and property. The design and investment of the safety of interconnection and docking, the safety of the product itself, and the docking safety of products and products are essential. The landing of many performance needs to be developed and improved by technology, which takes a certain amount of time to complete. The reliability and stability of products also determine the development of brands

how to reduce high prices

high price strategy will have some brand effects in the short term, but in the era of more and more symmetrical information, the time it can maintain will be shorter and shorter. At present, the market price of most smart door locks is 2500-4000 yuan. Compared with mechanical locks, this price is too high, which greatly hinders consumers' desire to buy. Compared with the installation and maintenance of general door locks, the cost of smart locks is also relatively high. After all, many smart locks do not fit with the design of the door factory, which leads to the need for more complex installation and commissioning of smart locks, further pushing up the cost of installation, commissioning, sales and maintenance

how to make the unlocking method more convenient

biometric unlocking, physical unlocking, mechanical unlocking and voice unlocking will go hand in hand. There is no difference between good and bad unlocking methods. Simple and extreme unlocking methods will become the first choice of users. Complicated, chaotic and unsafe unlocking methods will be abandoned by the market

how to connect with intelligent terminals

docking is the inevitable way for intelligent door locks. Without docking, there is no future, and docking is unsafe and can't go on. Although there is no mature and perfect docking platform and mature docking terminal products, multi platform docking may be a helpless choice, and security also restricts the space and time of intelligent lock docking

how to improve the level of rapid after-sales service

smart door lock is an industry with high requirements for service. Its product characteristics determine the timeliness of installation and the rapidity of repair. The installation conditions of smart locks vary from user to user. For example, the thickness of anti-theft doors is different, and the matching requirements are also different. Professional after-sales personnel are required to provide door-to-door service for the installation or maintenance of smart locks. However, at present, the whole industry has just started, and the industrial supporting facilities in this regard are extremely imperfect, which seriously restricts the rapid development of this industry

how to make industry players more professional

with the influx of a large number of new players into the smart door lock industry, the whole market presents a mixed picture. This is a double-edged sword for the industry: on the one hand, the injection of fresh blood has contributed to the scene of the industry blooming, accelerated the popularization of the concept of intelligent lock and shortened the cycle of market education. On the other hand, due to the weakness of the market, the entry of a large number of new players will also bring problems such as market saturation and excessive competition. In addition, emerging industries generally have various problems with strong anti-interference performance, such as immature technology, poor channels, insufficient operation experience, uncoordinated supply chain, etc. if these problems are not solved in time, it is easy for consumers to form wrong ideas, It has an adverse impact on the development of emerging smart locks

for the entire smart lock industry, 2016 is "the wind is coming". It is expected that in 2017, capital will be heavily involved, and the industry will truly come to the "tuyere period". Finally, a market pattern of "head brand" benefit segmentation will be formed in 2019. It is absolutely not accidental but inevitable that smart door locks have such a good market prospect. Backward things will eventually be replaced by more progressive things, but it is worth reminding that the development of intelligent door lock industry also has a long way to go

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