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In recent years, with the popularization of technology and market competition, many traditional state-owned enterprises in China; The leading edge of ink technology has gradually lost, and the cost advantage of other private enterprises' products has also been revealed, and their market share has been continuously expanded. However, some traditional state-owned enterprises failed to follow up. 1. The brief introduction of the Rotorless vulcanizer in Jinan experimental machine factory made technological transformation, and the technology failed to keep up with the changes in the market, so the situation also changed, that is, others followed me and should check the supplier's license and product qualification certificate; If we can't provide the qualification certificate for the food raw materials, we will follow others. Moreover, due to the popularization of product technology and the homogenization of product quality, the competition of products has gradually become the competition of product price and service quality. The success of private enterprises is to take the market driven road. The development ideas of ink are:

1. Develop ink products suitable for the market, especially launch competitive products with low price and good quality, and occupy the middle and low-end market, such as paper offset printing ink, plastic surface printing ink and internal printing ink

2. Develop environment-friendly oil to produce bio rubber material inks based on renewable economic crop silver gum chrysanthemum, such as alcohol soluble gravure printing ink, anhydrous soybean oil offset printing (environmental protection) ink, water-based ink (among which water-based plastic ink is an environmental protection product supported by Guangdong Province, especially when the humidity is too high) and UV/EB flexographic printing ink:

3. Develop high value-added ink products, Such as industrial inkjet products (continuous inkjet CIJ, DOD dripping on demand), conductive inks, anti-counterfeiting safety inks, etc

there are many kinds of inks with different uses, and printing with inks is also a technology, so the technical service of inks is also particularly important. Service providers are required not only to be familiar with ink, but also to be familiar with printing technology. For example, what are the advantages of an ink, where it is used, where customers are, and how to use it to reflect the advantages of the product

we should find out the satisfaction of customers (including dealers, manufacturers, individual consumers, etc.) with our product quality and service, and understand customers' opinions on products:

whether customers are satisfied with customer services (such as supply channels, delivery, product use guidance, introduction of similar products, etc.)

whether to provide new products suitable for customer requirements

product quality (such as product quality indicators, advancement, stability, and deficiencies):

whether the speed of reflecting the information reflected by customers is satisfactory, whether the after-sales service is satisfactory, etc

whether the process equipment used by the customer is reasonable, whether there is any reference or improvement, etc

gradually form a market (customer) centered, and provide appropriate ink products according to customers' needs, so as to improve customers' satisfaction with ink products and services, so as to expand the market share of ink

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