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It is understood that the total consumption of concentrated latex in China, including imported latex, is only 120000 tons. At present, the production capacity of domestic latex equipment has exceeded 150000 tons

China's concentrated latex production capacity is mainly concentrated in Hainan. At present, the production capacity of concentrated latex in Hainan reclamation area has exceeded 100000 tons. Among them, the production capacity of 6 farms, including Xilian, Hongguang, Dongxing and Xinxing, specialized in producing concentrated latex, is 40000 tons; In addition, it shows that the production capacity of 7 farms, including Longjiang, Dongtai, Xinzhong and Nanping, of the complete standard latex production line and concentrated latex production line, which have the material transition from ductile state to brittle state, is about 25000 tons; There are also two new farms with an annual output of 20000 tons. Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan private enterprises have a total production capacity of about 50000 tons of concentrated latex

according to a market survey, China sold 4790 tons of concentrated latex in the first four months of this year, which usually significantly reduced CO2 emissions, significantly lower than the same period in the previous two years. Considering that the proportion of imported latex in the total consumption of China in previous years is quite large, insiders are worried about the supply and demand of the latex Market in the future

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