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The first 50 year limit test results of structural sealant in China were released in Guangzhou. On September 25, the 50 year limit test visit and investigation activity jointly sponsored by the aging Institute of Guangzhou Institute of synthetic materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aging Institute") and Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baiyun chemical") was officially launched in the Guangzhou exposure base of the aging Institute. Yangyunong, vice president, chief engineer and professor level senior engineer of Guangzhou Synthetic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guan Silian, expert of curtain wall Committee of China Metal Structure Association, chief engineer of Shenzhen AVIC curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd., Miao Mingsong, general manager of Baiyun chemical industry, huanghengchao, deputy general manager and other leaders and experts were invited to attend the event

at the beginning of the event, yangyunong, vice president of Guangzhou Research Institute of synthetic materials, delivered a welcome speech for the event. President Yang said that the Institute of aging is the earliest institution engaged in the aging and anti-aging research of polymer materials in China. It is an authoritative institution for the study of aging mechanism, the performance test of polymer materials and the formulation and revision of national standards for aging test methods. It has successively cooperated with many well-known chemical material companies at home and abroad. The Institute has been associated with Baiyun chemical for a long time. From the initial cooperation in the artificial accelerated aging experiment to the 50 year natural exposure experiment, Baiyun chemical has fully reflected its expertise in the research and development of sealant products, so as to use less plastic bags to protect the environment? A high degree of social awareness. President Yang especially emphasized the far-reaching impact of the 50 year exposure test on the natural aging test. The test results will provide more accurate data for the design unit and provide more powerful support for the setting of industrial standards and national standards. He earnestly hopes that through this test, experts and the society will pay more attention to the long-term aging resistance of materials and put forward more valuable suggestions

subsequently, xieyufang, director of the aging research institute, announced the phased data results of the first 50 year limit test of structural sealant in China. It is understood that this is the world's first aging test report of structural sealant issued by a third-party scientific research institute

the report shows that after half a year of natural aging and exposure of all test samples, the product performance, especially the product strength, elongation and adhesion, remains good, and does not show a downward trend. There is no significant difference between the half year aging exposure data of Guangzhou and Xinjiang natural exposure sites for the time being, which indicates that the structural adhesive products with good quality still maintain good performance after half a year of natural aging under different climatic conditions, and confirms the view that the structural adhesive needs at least half a year of aging test proposed in the relevant research literature. At the same time, the short-term aging test shows that the change of structural adhesive properties has its limitations, and the long-term natural aging test has more important research significance

in 2012, Baiyun chemical and aging Institute signed a 50 year testing agreement to conduct a 50 year atmospheric environment natural aging test on structural sealant at natural exposure test sites in two extreme climate regions, Guangzhou and Turpan. In 1997, Baiyun chemical built a 50 year exposure glass curtain wall on the company square and regularly sampled data. The two tests have created a precedent for the limit test of structural sealant in China, marking a major step in the research on the aging resistance of structural sealant in China

at present, the silicone structural sealant on the market generally provides a quality assurance of no more than 25 years. Baiyun chemical pushed the natural exposure time to 50 years to explore the ultimate aging resistance of silicone structural sealant, and regularly compared and analyzed the test data. The database actually recorded by the 50 year natural exposure Institute of structural sealant under the two typical climatic conditions of Guangzhou and Turpan can not only help enterprises recognize the advantages and disadvantages of their own products, facilitate the research and development of new products, but also provide more reliable and scientific data support for the formulation of industrial standards and national standards, It has made important contributions to the research on aging resistance and safe application of silicone structural adhesives in China and even the world. It is applicable to the stretching, stripping, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force of plastic film, composite materials, soft packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, combination covers, metal foils, barriers, backplane materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber, paper fibers and other products Functional tests such as unfolding force closed Silian, an expert of curtain wall Committee of China Metal Structure Association and chief engineer of Shenzhen AVIC curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd., highly praised the significance of 50 year limit test research. He said that the 50 year extreme exposure test initiated by Baiyun chemical is of innovative significance not only in China but also in the world. The data results of the test research are very convincing and will make great contributions to the development of silicone sealant in China. General manager Guan thought that this experiment fully reflected the strong social sense of Baiyun chemical, which was praiseworthy

leaders of Baiyun chemical also attached great importance to this activity. General manager Miao Mingsong highlighted the importance of the safety performance of structural sealant at the launching ceremony. Mr. Miao said that Baiyun chemical is committed to building a set of structural sealant safety application systems from product standards, product selection, construction process guidance, tracking and regular return visits of existing curtain wall projects to structural sealant durability research. The 50 year limit test is one of the representative activities of structural adhesive safety application system engineering launched by Baiyun chemical. In addition, Baiyun series structural sealant has fully passed the standard tests of China GB, American ASTM c1184 and European etag002 silicone structural sealant, which strongly proves the perfect quality of the products; Technically, Baiyun chemical is strengthening the service extension, establishing a perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales technical service platform, and conducting regular return visits to the existing curtain wall project. The Summit Forum on safe application of structural sealant hosted by the company also provides a platform for customers, experts, associations and Party A to jointly discuss hot issues of safe use of sealant. At present, this forum has developed into a well-known brand activity in the industry. Baiyun chemical will, as always, offer the safest and highest quality products to the society, and sincerely hope that these system activities can arouse the society to pay more attention to curtain wall safety. Zhonghua glass () Department

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