The winner list of the most popular 2005 Asia Paci

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Award list of 2005 Asia Pacific printing boutique evaluation results

gold prize sample name category manufacturer national orchid blooming art printmaking works Muramatsu kougei limited company Japan 2005 Calendar graphic printing weight: 208kg Japanese contemporary Thai fabric printing Thai printing and image making Association Thailand welcomes asga textiles central SPS Indonesia 3D printing poster sanichi kougei Co., Ltd. various film switch circuit boards in Japan Midori mark Co., Ltd. legend digital printing in Japan Genji AZ planning Co., Ltd. other sanichi kougei Co., Ltd. in Japanese Braille, Ltd. Japan Silver Award sample name category manufacturer country in the 25th B.E. new realm of Buddhist faith (37.10/2548) art printmaking works Thailand printing and image making Association Thailand pointer art printmaking works Komine process Co., Ltd. Japanese graphic printing Hong Kong Standard Hong Kong water-based printing fabric printing Tanit coated with a thick metal sheet film compared with foreign supplier suka Co, Ltd. Japan DPCA textiles Hong Kong Jieyi China four-color foaming hot stamping "flowers bloom" T-shirt (transfer) Wanda

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