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In October, the designer training of the new store of Stanley home appliances in the United States has just ended, and the shopping guidance training of six new dealers in Central Jiangsu has been held in full swing. The dealers have brought professional and comprehensive training courses

endless learning, win the war terminal. As soon as the designer training of Stanley home's new store in October was completed, many students said that they had gained a lot and were still not satisfied. Taking advantage of the residual heat of learning, American Stanley home appliances has also intensively held the shopping guidance training of six new dealers in Central Jiangsu. The dealers have brought professional and comprehensive training courses to provide more methods and strategies for dealers in the terminal, and help the rapid and stable development of terminals in Central Jiangsu

on October 23, the headquarters of the company sent an elite team to conduct a comprehensive training for the shopping guides of six new dealers in the central Jiangsu region

professional and comprehensive courses

this training is rich in content and targeted. According to the current situation of students, the training will be carried out from the aspects of brand culture, product knowledge, sales skills, analysis of core selling points of products (including eight processes, wind shadow sliding system, environmental protection performance, etc.), hardware, terminal script guidance, etc. from foundation to practice, every student must be able to deeply learn and comprehensively master

in addition, the trainer also focused on the relevant sales processes for everyone, including active welcome, how to close customer relations, how to explore needs, scheme promotion, price negotiation strategy, order forcing methods, etc. combined with the actual case of the terminal, the trainer combined practice with theory, and conducted interactive training to guide dealers and shopping guides in different scenarios, So that the students can quickly master the psychological process of customer consumption and the ways and methods of forcing orders, and truly achieve the "talk about details, talk about skills, and talk about methods"

strong learning atmosphere

during the training, everyone was dedicated, absorbed, listened carefully, recorded in time, and actively discussed. Even after class, everyone was still reluctant to leave, discussing problems with each other, communicating, and the learning atmosphere was very strong

endless learning

enrich yourself and endless learning. Nowadays, the competition in the home furnishing industry is fierce. Only by continuous learning and innovative thinking can we comply with the development of the times. Stanley home has always paid attention to the training of the dealer team, whether in terms of products, sales or management, and strives to provide the most practical and effective guidance methods for dealers, help dealers improve store performance, and grow together with dealers to win the future

there may be ups and downs ahead, but the future must be bright. I believe that with the cultivation of Stanley home in the United States, and the joint efforts of dealers, we will work together to make breakthroughs and Thrive




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