Three weaknesses that franchisees of doors and win

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Not all businessmen in the profession are perfect. Everyone has more or less shortcomings. These shortcomings vary in size. In the past, when the market competition was not intense, it was not connected to be exposed outside. But now the door and window market is full and the competition is intense. Once you expose your own shortcomings, it may bring huge results to the door and window franchisees. How can franchisees of doors and windows do to improve their own shortcomings? Learn from Guanhao door and window editor

the old saying often says "no gold is enough, no man is perfect", so it's not strange to say that aluminum alloy door and window franchisees have shortcomings, but if door and window franchisees want to improve their own shortcomings, it doesn't mean that they can improve them if they can. First of all, we need to fully understand ourselves. Only when we have a full understanding of ourselves can we know where the shortcomings come from, how to improve our talents and succeed in being a perfect person. The shortcomings and improvement methods of door and window franchisees are as follows:

franchisees develop too fast and their foundation is unstable, so that door and window franchisees reach the limit in the late stage and cannot continue to develop. Door and window franchisees want to improve this shortcoming, they need to pay attention to training talents, training and improving the ability of various departments

2. Manufacturer contact has always been a major problem for door and window franchisees. The manufacturer asked the franchisee of doors and windows to take more and more goods, and the franchisee had no way to object, so that the franchisee's inventory continued to increase and the funds became less and less. If franchisees want to improve such shortcomings, there is only one way, that is to change the manufacturer

3. There is no way to attract consumers by relying on the advantages of commodities due to the homogenization of commodities. This question can be said to be the shortcomings of all franchisees. If you want to improve it, franchisees of doors and windows can go this way as long as they choose manufacturers with strong creativity to join





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