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The man was caught (picture source network)

China Jiangxi network reporter ouyangxing and intern Xiao Yi reported: in order to save money in the decoration of their own courtyard wall, they even started the idea of urban construction stone. There is such a man who loves small things and cheap things in Dayu county. The police caught the greedy Xie through video tracking. On August 11, the reporter learned that Xie had been administratively detained

at about 16:00 on August 6, the construction party in charge of the section of Zhangyuan hotel in Dayu County reported to the police that the road rocks used in the comprehensive urban environmental improvement and upgrading project had been stolen. Through video investigation, the police found that in the early morning of August 5, a man driving a black SUV stole the rocks several times

through comprehensive analysis, the police found that Xie, a man from more than a dozen nationalities, was suspected of committing a major crime. Subsequently, the police immediately arrested Xie. At about 18:00 on August 7, Xie was successfully arrested and the stolen road rock was found in his home

after interrogation, Mr. Xie confessed the illegal facts of stealing the rock of urban construction road. It turned out that Xie's family was recently engaged in the decoration of the courtyard wall, and Xie, who was bent on saving money, actually came up with the idea of using the road rock for urban construction, and stole the road rock many times in the early morning of August 5. However, unexpectedly, not only did he not save money, but he was also detained by the public security organ for 15 days




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