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In Zhang Jian's eyes, China's customized wardrobe is the best developed industry in the world. Customized wardrobe is original in China, so it leads the world. Moreover, with the help of the Internet, he firmly believes that China's customization industry will surely step abroad in the future

in Zhang Jian's eyes, China's customized wardrobe is the best developed industry in the world. Because customized wardrobe is originally created in China, it is leading the world. Moreover, with the help of the Internet, he firmly believes that China's customization industry will surely step abroad in the future

even from the perspective of investment, the customization industry is also very promising. First, C2B meets the personalized needs of end users. Several characteristics of manufacturing industry 4.0 - Personalization of end-user needs, digitalization of management processes, naturalization of production and manufacturing, and Internet thinking (Internet thinking includes thinking of future new hardware, and even virtual technology, etc.), are fully satisfied in the customization industry, which meets the trend of future consumption and firmly grasps consumers. Second, the customization industry is the only entrance to the industrialization of large home furnishings or home decoration in the future. Third, China's national strength and huge consumption capacity in the future, as well as people's idea of upgrading home decoration, determine that the growth of home decoration industrialization will be better. Therefore, once the scale is formed, the industry should be 100 billion or even trillion enterprises in China in the future

customization industry: the only entrance to the industrialization of home decoration

customized wardrobe industry has experienced four development stages: customized wardrobe is the most elementary stage; The second is customized furniture, which is equivalent to the current whole house customization, but it is called customized furniture; The third stage is space customization; The fourth stage is the industrialization of home decoration, which is the general trend of the future

Zhang Jian said with great certainty: "my view is that customization is the only entrance to the future big home or industrialization. This is its DNA, which is very clear." Why is customization the only entrance to the industrialization of home decoration

user thinking

first, customization meets personalization, and personalization must be user thinking. Whether in production mode or business mode, the customization industry has been far ahead of the traditional home building materials industry, and its manufacturing mode, information management and personalized orders can be manufactured through industrialization, which is a very typical practice

secondly, personalized customization involves system construction, while other industries do not have such systematic service awareness. Customization takes design as the entrance. While producing furniture, it has replaced the design work of decoration companies. Moreover, the core is to combine personalized design with industry, take industry as the support, and catch the future market with the industry following the development trend of the times

platform thinking

Zhang Jian said, "the more I study, the more excited I am. Why do I mention a hundred billion level, and say a little bigger to a trillion level. Because appliances such as Gree and Midea are 100 billion level enterprises. Vanke has achieved 200 billion in real estate. I believe that in the future customization industry, there will certainly be enterprises with more than 100 billion, although there are no enterprises with more than 10 billion in the whole household building materials industry at present."

in the investment industry, there is a saying: brands with sales of more than 1 billion belong to product brands, 10 billion belong to platform brands, and 100 billion can be used as ecological chains

Zhang Jian believes that the customization industry also has platform thinking, and naturally has such a platform, which is sales product platform, it information platform and production and manufacturing platform respectively. Sales product platform, which is personalized; It information platform must be supported by information system; Manufacturing platform, intelligent manufacturing platform. These three platforms constitute the core competitiveness of customization. At present, the goals of europay, Sofia and visang are very clear, and they plan and layout to build a 10 billion platform enterprise

however, in the customization industry, it is not easy to build a 10 billion level platform. It takes ten to eight years to consolidate the foundation for the performance of more than 100 million; To achieve 100-300 million, we need to build teams and rely on teams to fight; But after 300 million, it will be very fast to achieve 1 billion; Similarly, after 10 billion, towards 100 billion, the development speed will be faster

spatial thinking

now many brands put forward the concept of big home. Zhang Jian believes that this is still product thinking. There is no core spatial solution, no user thinking, but in the extension and expansion of products, not a real spatial thinking

for customized furniture, what consumers really want to buy is a living space, and enterprises are to help consumers achieve the living space they want. As for how to create this space to meet the needs of consumers, consumers do not care. Just like buying a car, whether to buy an SUV or a car, consumers will think about it. As for how thick the steel plate is, no one will care. Therefore, the core of big home is the space solution, which is more humanized solution

of course, unlike the simplicity of buying a car, customizing a home is more complex. Everyone's life experience, age, professional background, income, family structure, living habits and so on vary greatly. Who can provide such a solution? Who can realize the real personalized needs? Only industry 4.0 can be achieved. Therefore, the customization industry as the entrance of home decoration industrialization is becoming clearer and clearer

in the future, the spatial solutions of the customized industry are more about the integration of resources, cross-border integration of resources. All things have been completed in enterprises, and finally bring consumers a desired environmental effect. For example, the overall soft decoration, including curtains, carpets, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, is included, and the industrialization of home decoration is realized

if you want to diversify, you should first achieve perfection.

in the past two years, whether you see the "cake" of other industries, or in order to avoid risks, many enterprises put eggs in several baskets, or step into other industries with a high or low profile. For example, Sophia launched simi cabinets with a high profile, and schneiman also officially entered the door and window industry

for enterprise diversification, Zhang Jian believes that the enterprise has "done what it should do" at a certain stage of development, which is called industrial layout. Every enterprise has its own DNA. Each enterprise has different abilities, stages and ways of thinking. In the current situation, diversification doesn't matter right or wrong. Zhang Jian said, "while doing Yum business, I am personally investing in many other industries across the border, including new materials and general health."

therefore, whether the enterprise is diversified depends first on the setting of enterprise goals and second on the allocation of resources. Then set it according to the enterprise goals and their own capabilities, and judge whether it is an opportunity at this node based on the right time, place and people

Zhang Jian believes that if the details are maximized in terms of service and manufacturing technology, the probability of diversification success will be higher. Chinese people like to play with concepts when doing things. Many entrepreneurs are still impetuous in the so-called environment. What is extreme? Look at cars made by Japanese, apples made by Americans, and industrial products made by Germans. Customized furniture enterprises should pay attention to details at the beginning, and their service awareness should be extreme, because the consumer group is becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the industry or do not have the so-called Internet thinking, it is not easy to achieve the ultimate service

"Internet +" how to play

Internet is essentially a problem of efficiency and cost. To solve its efficiency through this channel, the efficiency is faster and the cost is lower. However, how to improve efficiency in the customization industry? How can the cost be lower

Zhang Jian believes that the core point is service, and the premise of service-oriented manufacturing industry is service. If the service is not done well, the more orders you place, the faster you die. And one of the characteristics of the Internet is that it spreads fast

in the context of the overall economic weakness this year, the sales of some brands have fallen sharply, while Sofia has bucked the trend and increased, which is clearly reflected in the good service of enterprises. According to the survey, the customer satisfaction of some brand consumers is very poor after purchasing once, but Sofia has been stable. This shows a problem that service-oriented manufacturing is still service in essence. Therefore, we should grasp it according to the stage of our own enterprise. Enterprises in the primary stage are really doing a good job in services and products, and returning to the final experience and ultimate essence, which is more important than "Internet +". For enterprises like Sofia, "Internet +" is even more powerful. Zhang Jian said that from the perspective of marketing, different from the fancy "outsider Kung Fu" of flooring or fast-moving products, the customization industry is called "inner Kung Fu", and this industry needs "inner Kung Fu"

in addition, for those who have the background of it and are very interested in the customized home furnishing industry, the grafting, breakthrough and innovation of the two also have some enlightenment for the customized industry

for example, Lei Jun's investment in "love space" is a new thinking of home decoration in the Internet era. It detonates the home decoration market with the slogan of "699 yuan/square meter, 20 days of decoration duration". According to Zhang Jian's analysis, it is essentially a free thinking and flow thinking. It is an expression of Internet thinking. Yum! Brands also has free thinking and flow thinking. These directions must be based on a very clear top-level design, which has nothing to do with the Internet. Because this industry is a service-oriented manufacturing industry, service comes first. We need to do a good job in service and practice our internal skills

Zhang Jian believes that user thinking is also the core of Internet thinking, and Internet thinking should be used flexibly. Baidesheng asks Ping'an to endorse, which is not only the focus of the Internet label thinking, but also the user thinking. At present, the whole of China is talking about environmental protection, so yum! Asked Ping An to speak for it. To be a home of Ping An, it focuses on environmental protection. Don't learn metaphysics, but fight according to your actual situation. Development is always the last word

the competition in the future must be a comprehensive unity of three thoughts, industrial thinking, Internet thinking and capital thinking. How to combine these three thoughts represents the thinking mode of entrepreneurs in the next ten or twenty years

however, no matter how the Internet develops, it will eventually land. It's not because everything should be linked to "Internet +" now, thinking that without "Internet +" it can't keep up with the times. As an enterprise, the deep stage is to give full play to their strengths and then make up for their weaknesses

e-commerce: there is no grass under the big tree

some people say: there is no grass under the big tree of e-commerce. Whether it is a vertical platform or a segmented field, if a mature industry is dominated by several brands, the industry will be carved up

"e-commerce is based on an Internet spirit. With this spirit, if there are innovative ways to penetrate the channels of the Internet, we will keep up." Zhang Jian said, "I think what I can learn is more about the spiritual way of thinking of the Internet. It's really impossible to apply the customized home furnishings. At present, in this industry, except for fashion, other e-commerce players are false propositions. What I can do is to do my own thing well."

according to Zhang Jian, the new home network built by Shangpin home accessories,





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