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Louis Koo's 2015 opening drama, the arrival of God of music, was grandly released on April 9! Gu Tianle, as the spokesperson of the new standard home image, will have magical heart reading skills in the play to easily solve the problem of home collocation for a young couple

the new year's fashion home drama "Le Shen arrived", starring Louis Koo and supervised by Xinbiao home, will be presented to the audience on April 9. At present, the highlights of the film have been exposed in advance, which will be the most wonderful blockbuster that can't be missed after the new year. "Handsome man turns into warm man" presents a different Louis Koo to fans, and the only screen home warm man fashion home blockbuster will be released soon

"God of music arrives" is a fashionable life film that teaches you to decorate easily. In the film, Gu Tianle plays the image ambassador of Xinbiao home, with magical mind reading skills. His appearance makes a small couple no longer tangle with the matching of doors, windows, wardrobes and supporting homes at home, so they can easily complete the home decoration, become a shopkeeper and enjoy a happy and pleasant home life

new standard internal and external two-color heavy sliding doors

recently, the gags of "Le Shen drive" have been released all over the world. The fashionable and bright scene design in the play is the representative of modern home furnishings. Decoration has always been cumbersome, which has troubled countless families who buy houses and decorate. On the set, Gu Tianle also complained to Xiaobian about the embarrassment of buying houses and decorating himself. The engineering volume of his luxurious house located in "deep water bay" is quite large. Even if there is a special person to control the whole process, he will still worry about the decoration effect. He often has to watch the progress. It needs to be fashionable and simple, but also needs to have various functions. Large floor to ceiling windows are naturally his favorite, bright and comfortable

in the shooting set, the large sliding door with internal and external dual colors, which occupies a large number of parts, attracted Gu Tianle's attention and attracted Gu Tianle's repeated deliberation. Gu Tianle said that he liked this large sliding door very much. It had a very good sense of transparency, and the sliding was smooth. He often revealed that he hated seeing late with Xinbiao home

the arrival of God of music will be officially released on April 9, and the gags have been released online





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