Purchasing skills of top ten brand sofas in China

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Now there are all kinds of sofas in the market, both in style and material. However, when choosing sofas, you can pay more attention to the top ten famous brands of Chinese sofas, so that you can better know which brand of sofas is more popular and popular with the masses. Next, I will introduce the top ten famous brands of Chinese sofas and their purchasing skills

top ten famous brands of Chinese sofa

1. Left and right sofas

left and right sofas introduce the traditional home life into the international home life mode, with a unique artistic life in the design, and vividly interpret the sense of history and fashion

2. Lihao sofa

Lihao sofa was built in 1999 and is located in Anji Sunshine Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province. Lihao to carry forward “ Innovative, pragmatic and efficient ” The enterprise spirit, uphold “ Creation, value, model ” Establish the enterprise concept of “ Channel builders, resource integrators, brand operators ” Enterprise vision, and customers “ Enjoy success ” The way of

3. Cafuya sofa

cafuya sofa can meet the individual needs of different consumers. The products produced are designed according to the principle of ergonomics, with perfect shape, simplicity and fluency, and are the perfect combination of high-quality materials

4. Royal sofa

as a well-known brand in Hong Kong, the strong brand advantage and perfect marketing system of Royal sofa emerged in the Olympic Games. The belief of people-oriented and thousands of classic products make the Royal brand deeply rooted in people's impression

Qumei sofa is a standardized furniture group integrating design, production and sales. In “ Differentiated brands ” Driven by strategy, it has always been a leader in market competition. Provide consumers with environmentally friendly and healthy furniture products ”, Qumei Furniture Group has been doing it and will always adhere to it

sofa purchasing skills

1. Look at the material

look at the material of the sofa, it's best to find out what kind of leather it is. Among them, cow leather is soft, thick and of the best quality. Today's sofas are made of buffalo leather, which is thick and affordable

2. Check the wooden frame

check whether the wooden frame of the sofa is solid. You can raise the head of the sofa. Pay attention to whether the legs of the other head are off the ground when the raised part is 10cm off the ground. Only when the other side is off the ground, the inspection is considered to be passed

3. Look at the filler

look at the filler inside the sofa. You can press the armrest and backrest of the sofa with your hand. It's good that you can obviously feel the existence of the wooden frame, which indicates that the filling density of the sofa is not high and the elasticity is not good enough

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the top ten famous brands of Chinese sofa and sofa purchasing skills. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it





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