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A door can separate a place into two different spaces. In the composition of home, it plays a vital role, and different styles of doors can also bring people different moods

since its inception, Shangpin natural color has always put product quality first, and constantly strive to create wooden doors with exquisite craftsmanship. There is a saying like this: "Shangpin natural color is no longer a simple wooden door, but an artistic style and taste that originates from life but is higher than life."

Shangpin natural color is one of the core brands of Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd. Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a famous European design company. Adhering to the fashionable and avant-garde simplicity design style, relying on advanced technology, perfect management, and drawing on the world's advanced wooden door and window structure essence, it carefully creates a classic wooden door. The company has three famous wooden door brands, "Xindi Jiamei", "Shangpin natural color" and "Luhua"

in terms of material selection, Shangpin natural color wood doors pay attention to every detail of material selection and production. After each batch of raw materials enter the factory, they are sampled and sent to the national quality inspection center for testing. The door core material is fir finger joint material. The door core has the advantages of sound insulation, heat preservation, impact resistance, not easy to deform, and high flatness

technically, Shangpin natural color wood doors have advanced splicing door technology, inlay color matching technology and carving and hollowing technology. In the production process, water-based environmental protection glue is used, and the advanced technology of high-temperature hot pressing is adopted, which makes the wooden door more textured and brings a comfortable experience to consumers

in terms of technology, the surface adopts high-grade PU paint, which is sprayed in the dust-free paint booth. It is benzene free, chlorine free, environmental friendly, and far better than other kinds of paint in terms of adhesion, sealing, flexibility, fullness, wear resistance, etc. the surface processing technology is three surfaces and two sides, one color and one curing, so that the wooden door surface can achieve the best effect

the strict control of material selection, technology and technology has always made Shangpin natural color wooden door a leader in the industry. Shangpin will always adhere to its own design concept and bring more surprise experience to consumers




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